Bangkok Trip Day 1

8 October 2013

Sawadee ka! I'm currently in Bangkok city now. This is the third time i travel to Bangkok this year...LOL! A lot of people asking me why do i need to keep traveling the same place again and again..My answer is ..... I love this country, i love the food, everything is cheaper in here and of course! It's a shopping paradise! I just love this place..wish i can afford to buy a house here next time! hahaha, It's time to learn to speak THAI..hohohoho! Maybe it takes few years to learn, cause i'm weak in memorizing stuff. I'm super super forgetful person. (*_*)

Alright, let's talk about what happened last night. 
It's such a unforgettable memories!  I MISSED FLIGHT AGAIN!! yes, AGAIN! 
It was my worst day in this year. But it's not my fault this time, is! 
My bf..he just gave me a super powerful heart attack. 

Okay..the story is like this...My bf is the one who help me to book our flight tickets. In fact, he booked 6-9 Oct 2013 but he thought he booked 7-10 Oct 2013..and so he booked our hotel wrongly too! ADD ON.. i didn't realize that he haven't online check in for our flight, so i remind him the day before our flight. Then, the moment he saw the booking statement.. he's like (O_O).. and i'm like WHAT THE HELL.. I've planned my trip and now making such a mistake. It's our second time missing the flight!! can you believe that? 

So ended up, we purchase another flight ticket that costs me another thousand plus. Not worthy at all.
*WHAT A BAD experience* this lesson is really expensive (−_−;)

So...dear friends, please don't do the same mistake like i do..
PLEASE double triple check before you go. lol
I'm really moody yesterday night, felt so helpless and feel like crying..seriously. The feeling is really sux, you won't wanna try. LOL! But still, luckily i manage to settle it down at last. Ya, No point being emo because of these stupid problems. So, I tried to think in a better way, tried to be positive and try to enjoy my trip. I will work harder to earn back my money.. LOL!

I reached Bangkok at 9am in the morning. Started to shopping once i left my luggage at the hotel. 
I know some of you are curious about what i eat during travel. Of course, i didn't eat perfectly clean.
But still, choose the right food, make sure you didn't miss any meal and keep yourself hydrated all the time! Shopping can burn calories, no worries! hahahaha!

This is the first meal i had today, pork rice. Need some calories to burn before i started my shopping...hehehe. It's super delicious and famous in Pratunam. 
 My snack : Yoghurt ice cream with kiwi as topping. (99bath per cup)

If you're feeling thirsty/hungry/feel like eating..get one of this to boost your energy 
I will definitely get one of this Hokkaido Milk every time i go to Bangkok. It's fresh milk. Only 45baht.
Don't just shop shop and shop. WE NEED TO EAT SOMETHING.
If you're too lazy to sitting down and eat, try grab some fruits. Keep yourself hydrated.
This is what i had for my dinner today. It's not clean eating but i'm on a vacation.. lol.. It's okay to have cheat meal.. But make sure you stay away from fried or oily food...
Just make sure you do extra work to cut it off after eating it.. o(^_^)o
Guess what, i just discover a new place in Bangkok! Will try to blog about it soon!
Alright, that's all for today. It's time to sleep, i need to wake up earlier and continue shopping tomorrow! I'm busy busy busy...hahaha..Will updates my blog when i free dearies! 

Good Night (^_−)−☆



  1. owh dear~ i'm curious that you travel Bangkok free and easy? i wondering to go this place since your blog keep on updating, my heart started to fly over there~ lol~
    suggest to write a topic of your Bangkok free and easy daily trip~ haha~
    Let us have a reference to preparing the trip ~ :)

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