What to do when you First Step into GYM ??

2 October 2013

Some of you might wondering what to do or what should you do when you first time going to the gym.
To all fellow beginners, I know you are motivated, pumped up and can't wait to change your body!!
You can go hardcore, extreme and train like a beast to become your goal body!

But first thing, remember to EDUCATE yourself with the proper way...
Especially when it comes to machines and weight lifting...

I have to share these tips out because when I saw few ladies who working out in the gym have no idea what were they doing and they didn't even know they were hurting themselves.

Alright, I'm trying to keep it short and simple.
The best thing you can do in the gym, ask a trainer to guide you or..... read my blog HAHA *jk jk

As I know, once you sign up for a gym, you will have at least 2-3 sessions with the trainers.
Don't save it, use it as you BASIC knowledge in using those machines. Focus on your core, such as back and legs. These are the parts of your body which can BURN many fats!

For examples :

Once you know how to use the machines.(some of it is enough for beginners/ladies)
Then you arrange you workout routine. You may wanna ask, WHAT IS WORKOUT ROUTINE?
Because the only thing in your mind is wanna sweat and then slim down...I tell you what, you can see results, but with proper arrangement, you will see better and faster result.

Number 1:

Treadmill, Cycling, and others which you can see people running on it...(too many diff names)
Make sure you warm up your legs before you jump on any cardio machines.

For treadmill:
Start with slow speed(3-4) to heat up your body. The use mild speed (5-7) to keep you moving faster.
For finishing, try as hard as you can to RUN (8-10) for 30sec or 1min, the reduce speed to cold down.
If you are boring, try 10 minutes on 3 different cardio machines. You'll get use to it sooner and you will  "discover" your favorite cardio session :))

Number 2:
Do your LEGs first!!!! Simple theory, when your legs have strength, your overall body have it too.
Squat Squat Squat.....Lunges Lunges Lunges... Jump Jump Jump...

And DONE. 1hour to 90minutes workout is more than enough for a lady.
Forget about trying to sit up or do crunches. I won't say is useless, but pointless.
You won't have LINES when you have fats covering your tummy.

Take my advices, focus on running and SWEAT it ALL OUT!
Do your legs, you will love it when you see your ass like a REAL ROUNDED one!! hahahaha!!

For backs routine, STAY TUNED hahahaha!!
Use this routine for 1-2weeks if you just started workout.
You can save time by doing it properly rather than wondering around and playing with phones!
Keep it up and all the best to all of you!! Leave me a comment of what you wish to know more!

Thanks for reading everyone )^o^(


  1. hi, just wanna know, is it good to exercise or workout during menstrual week?

    thanks :)

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    2. hello, just a random passerby..
      it's good to have moderate exercise during menstrual week because during exercise, your body will release endorphin, a hormone which will make you happy, thus modulate our mood while reducing menstrual pain.. can go for simple workout as long as you feel comfortable.. i think a lot women dont exercise much during menstrual week due to excessive sweating which makes them feel uncomfortable..

    3. Well, I suggest you to do some stretching or light yoga :))

  2. Sometimes when i do cardio i experience pain at the side of my upper waist. why is that?

    1. Usually it happens alot to beginners. Because your body wasn't use to the exercise yet.
      Try to slow down, breath more, then continue till you finish your routine :))

      Other than that, don't eat too full or drink too much of water before cardio sessions.

  3. wow!!I'm waiting this for so long!!haha!!Thanks for sharing!! :D

    1. No prob. Try it out!! heheheh
      All the best to you, Vervain.

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  5. does the cycling machine makes our leg bulky ? if cycle everyday ? i thought of doing 20 mins cardio like jumping jacks, crunches, burpees, lunges, then after that move on to cycling for 15 mins. . . is it alright ?

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  7. Which fitness u going?? Any fitness centre tat u recommend in puchong?? Tq

  8. uhm. im confused. but running too much on treadmill will it cause big muscles on legs? because i've an imbalance body. which my upper body parts were average and lower parts of my body were fat zzz. :( omg idk what to do now.

  9. once we have slimmed down and not much fat around the body, is time to change the routine.. start with weight first then only do the cardio at the end... this will ensure you have more energy to build and tone up your muscle..
    let me know if I am wrong :)

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  10. how about guy :)