Goodbye Hair Fall, Hello Hair Play

18 October 2013

Goodbye Hair Fall, Hello Hair Play
Whether you're male or female, hair loss can be a horrifying thing to deal with. It's really annoying and uncomfortable to have the floors full of hair. Woman often worry about hair fall problem while they are styling their hair. It's really important to have a healthy head of hair. Everyone wants a healthy hair and scalp, right? I've attended an event last week in Orange concourse, Sunway Pyramid. Guess what? There's a good news for those who are having hair fall problem!  

Sunsilk had just launched their NEW HAIR FALL SOLUTION to empower woman and enable them to do more styling for their hair. Everyone deserves beautiful hair right? 

 Here's photo of their new launch products. 
 "GoodBye Hair Fall, Hello Hair Play"

 The styling booth.Everyone can try the hair tonic and hair styling here! It's FOC...
Yours truly, trying out their Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Hair Tonic on my scalp before styling my hair. Basically, it's to strengthen my hair from the roots and reduce hair fall. It can nourishes hair root deep within, resulting in stronger and healthier hair with 10 times less hair fall.
The refreshments

There's a hair show on the stage that day. A hairstyling show before the hair show. The hairstyling show at the launch gave us various simple tips of fast hairstyles that every girl can try at home. All the casual styles, classy and chic trends hairstyles can be done in less than 10 minutes. 
 A photo of the models on the stage. All of the hairdo is real hair, cool isn't?
 A group photo of celebrities Elfira Loy and Liyana Jasmay, the models, and the Sunsilk brand manager 
 With the pretty bloggers.. IsabellaKuan, Yours Truly, DorisHor,Vickybobo
 Doris,Bobo & Yours Truly

The event is really awesome. Had so much fun with the girls.

Last but not least, Sunsilk is also organising a contest on the Sunsilk Malaysia  facebook page now. Just submit a picture of your favourite hairstyle, share it with your friends, and get them to vote and stand a chance to win an exclusive year-end makeover party with all your bffs! No worries, there are also other prizes to be won such as iPad Minis! You know what to do!  

Once again, Thank you Sunsilk for the invites and the door gift.

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