20 November 2013

Dear readers, i apologize for neglecting my blog. My life is a bit messy right now, after breakup. Life gets tough these days, been busy for the whole month. I was trying to keep myself busy for the past few weeks, don't really have time to stay at home and write a blog posts. The moment when i see my blog's traffic decrease, i'm gets really upset and depressed.. i feel like giving up on my blog, but i can't.. It's part of my journey, no matter how hard my life gets.. life goes on..blogging is part of my career, i can't give up.. & i keep reminding myself..i have dream and goal to achieve (with or without him).. That's why i'm here again..*blogging*

I'm struggling with my life and been thinking about a lot of stuff lately. I don't know am i suppose to blog about my feeling (sounds stupid cause normally i will just motivate people), but seriously i don't know where else i can express my feeling anymore. Please allow me to be emotional tonight. 

1251 days. It's the longest relationship i ever had, never expect our love will be end. 

 The happiness and excitement of a new relationship can overpower everything else. BUT, Nothing stays new forever, though. I wonder :  "Will things get better?" "Should I give it another chance?" "should i just ignore all these problem" "I'm lazy to find a new guy and start a relationship all over again" "Maybe i should learn to accept imperfection" "Will I regret if we broke up?" Well, Breaking up isn't an easy decision. My life is so out-of-balance, facing everything myself is not easy. Maybe i'm not used to it, sooner or later i will be fine. *lol* Lesson learned, don't rely on anyone too much.. or else you will fall down even harder. I'm still feeling insecure sometimes..but...I'm die trying to get back up..trying to be independent......and face my LIFE.


曾经, 身边的朋友都劝我离开他,全部人都不看好我们的时候,我坚持的挨过了这段痛苦的日子。几乎每天要靠酒精才能入睡。然而,正当一切东西正在慢慢改变的时候,我选择了放弃。其实我也不知道怎么解释,不知道哪里出了问题,可能是我们之间有太多问题,每次都在逃避没有真正解决过,又可能我坚持太久了,可能我累了,不知道从何时开始,那种感觉已经渐渐消失了,慢慢的,我发现我对这段感情已经失去了期望/要求,更不知道在一起为了什么。我曾经有想过要结婚,放弃一切跟他迈向另一个阶段。可是我又在怀疑....我只能说,这段感情曾经有太多错误,我想过要放弃好多好多次,但是我一直不敢这样做,因为我害怕一个人...一个人面对这一切,不知道分手后生活会变怎样。于是一拖再拖,浪费的只是彼此的时间。现在的我想清楚了,我不想再浪费大家的时间,不希望以后才来后悔,所以我选择放手。

A break-up is an opportunity to learn, too. IT'S NOT EASY. No matter what, relationships is still valuable. Each relationship happens to teach us something about ourselves, another person, and what we want and need in a future partner. It's a chance for us to learn to care about another person and to experience being cared about. Thanks for all the experiences and lessons. 

Anyways, 祝你幸福. All the best for your future.
Hmmmmm, i guess that's all for today, can't squeeze words out anymore. 
I had many many many thoughts in my brain, but i just can't seem to express it out. LOL!

That's it that's it! Good night ! 


  1. HMMMM :( take a good care ... you can do it .. you are super girl for me :)

  2. hello, karen. Stay stong like your blog title before, broke up is hurt, however it's makes us grew. Although is hurt and sad, however life should carry on. Cause god will send us a better person than what we had let go. Gambadeh, You can pass through it :) Look forward your motivation and fitness post :) love..xoxo

    1. No worries, I'm fine. Thanks for being supportive :)

  3. 早前听过一句话:“有的人可以共话患难,但不能共富贵”。或许会纳闷当初这么艰辛的日子都能挨到今日,为何却不能一起共度辛苦后幸福平淡的生活。有的时候,你已经不是当初的你;又或者他已经不是当初的他,再也找不回当初一起的那种感觉/初衷。我经历过,我也明白你的感受。人的忍耐是有限的,当你给他的机会已经用完的时候,无论再怎么爱,再怎么不舍,还是回选择放手,因为已经失望透顶了。 你们在一起的一千多个日子,说短不短,长不长。其实我真的很佩服你能毅然做出决定,毕竟作出这个决定需要莫大的勇气。其实我跟你有着一样的心情,我开始对这段感情失望,甚至在想着这样的生活究竟是不是我想要的,想着过着这样的生活,我以后会不会后悔。然,这只是想而已,我却鼓不起勇气像你一样慧剑斩情丝。。

    1. 忠于自己的感觉就好了,人生苦短啊!哈哈
      希望你快乐幸福就好,加油 :)

  4. 你值得更好的,祝你幸福。

  5. 他打你?omg 不可以要!you deserved a better guy better life and better treatment !!!!

  6. I found this post that's alot of quotes !!!!
    I love the way Karen kho speak. =D
    You can do it Karen!

  7. Take care. Try not think too much, girl.