What's your GOAL

21 November 2013

Dear readers, i'm back! *evilgrins*

I can't remember when is the last time i blog about fitness. Yes i know, i've been neglect about my fitness posts in my blog. I'm feeling really unmotivated for gym and struggling to eat clean as well. Honestly, My workout routine is mess without him. But whatever laaaaa, i still have to learn to be independent!!! Will try hard to do everything on my own. Lil Karen need to grow up! hahahaha. I had a lot of parties,alcohol, cheat days throughout the weeks and social events these days. I can FEEL my belly, my stomach look bloated! I ruined my abs. DIET is really a key to abs. I'm trying to remind myself to stop putting shit inside my stomach now and work harder in the gym, LOL!

Btw, i joined gym last month. Like finally. 
Guess what, I was scrolling my phone and checking out all my old progress photos today. Looking through old pics really give me extra kick! LOL I love taking photo of my progress, you might not see different overnight after hitting the gym, but when you compare your old pic, you'll be really surprised!

For example.......... LOL! 

See what else i found...
It's the first time i track down my body progress. That's the 1st or 2nd month after workout.
Stomach still a bit bloated.. hehehehe 

3rd month, still not so obvious. But i'm very motivated already! 
Because before this, it's a super super bloated beer belly..

First thought in my mind when I started to workout is to get SLIM
"That time" I was that kind of girl who HATE muscles. 
Thinking of having muscles for women is ugly HAHAHAHA... Typical Asian ladies.

After a few weeks of workout, i started to love it. I started to chase for MORE! lol

I changed my motivations/goals.. I was looking forward for a nice abs, BACK lines and myASS!
That was seriously a hard time for me. I have so much to focus on. My routines were like killing me everyday after I finished workout. I can just fall asleep anywhere right after my workout. Time flies, I've forgotten how much sweat I dropped, how much pain i had. LOL. just kidding... After all, I proudly say that I Enjoy sweating, workout, eating clean, and LOVE myself more than ever before! Now, i do it purely because i enjoy it, and i find it physically and emotionally rewarding. I enjoy sharing what works for me and my body. 

 Here's photo of my current body, did a photo shoot last week. So far, It's my first time doing fitness photo shoot, i love this photo so much!! hehehe :D

What's my current goal? Gonna aim higher? No worries, i'm not aiming for to be a body builder, it's impossible for me. LOL! I will just maintain this and make it more toned up. And of course!! I want to grow some ASS! It's too small. It's time to work hard!! Hahahahahaha!!

So, What's your GOAL? 
It is ok that you "don't" like muscles. Just get yourself started even for a tiny reason.
Then you can slowly sharpen up yourself and you will GROW stronger and better along the journey!!
Set your goal now! Work hard! Sweat hard! and Be Consistent!! 

Do something challenging! 
To know how strong you are, you need to keep pushing to your limit

Alright, i will pick myself back and re-focus on my goals. 
Eat clean, drink lots water, work and be consistent. That's all it takes!

All the best people *xoxo*


  1. Time to do alot of squats for a nicer butt and legs :D good luck!!

  2. this is very very inspirational.. thanks for sharing :)

    1. You're welcome, hope you enjoy reading my blog :)

  3. How good if u can be my PT... =p

  4. Love your fitness post. This year resolution was to lose weight and getting toned up is my year end resolution. When everyone started telling you hey you lost weight, hmm, thats the best thing!

    1. Thank you babe! Ya, exactly...
      All the best, you can do it :)

    2. I participated in your one mth challenge before and I have lost my target 10kg. :-) *proud face* haha

  5. yay, I miss your fitness post!

  6. can you do video about how to do squat in a right way? i heard that do too much squats will hurt our knee and joints. and sometimes i feel sore on my front thigh.

    1. Alright, Thanks for your suggestion. will consider to blog about it.

  7. Hi Karen, ive been somewhat following your fitness posts and honestly I was never a fan of bloggers posting selfies and advertising products being endorsed. I guess you've motivated me in some ways . Just like you, I have always been petite, skinny but I have a bloated tummy. Hated it so much and 4 months ago I decided to push myself for a serious workout. I started with regular jogs, then speed up to circuit training which I find very effective and followed by abs/ weight training. I see a huge diff to my body now esp my tummy, and I no longer need to cover it up . In fact, I love wearing midriff tops just like u too! Feels good to not hide anymore. Altho my body is not as tones as urs, but someday I hope I can be there. Pls share with me your workout routine, as I don't join any gym at the moment. Recently I realised I've beeen missing my period too. I googled and it's highly likely due to extreme exercise or sudden reduction in body fat. Im wondering if you have the same issue as well? It's depressing sometimes thinking that going healthy and losing fats still give you problems like this. Not sure if this is the right thing to continue doing :/ Would appreciate if you can share some of ur experience since none of my frens workout the same way as I do..

    1. Hi, Nice to meet you and Thanks for reading my blog! hehehe :D
      I did share some of my home workout in my blog, you can check this out
      You can do these at home

      Just make sure you have a balance diet/proper nutrition and enough rest will do.
      Take care

  8. wow i like your quote "To know how strong you are, you need to keep pushing to your limit"

  9. haha, there is no need to grow your ASS. small is cute :D
    you have awesome toned body , keep on going lady! :D

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  10. Karen you looks super great in the latest shooting!!! Awesome! Keep it up!!!!