My workout routine : PUSH WORKOUT

13 January 2014

Dear readers, So I haven’t been very active throughout these few months because I’ve been soooo busy with my holidays..Everyone needs a break, right? I hope you all don't abandon my blog…LOL! but no matter what, i will not give up on my I’m back! Back to my blogging life, all i want is write down everything, track my progress to help motivate myself and others to lose weight, tone up or to be healthy. 

Alright, Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wished for and had a fabulous New Year too! i had a really fantastic holidays few months back.. i gained 4-5kg in 2 months, how's that? I'm now officially 48.8kg! Thanks to holidays! Guess I had too much indulge *evilgrins* 

Usually I say to myself, "I'm on vacation. I'm just going to enjoy myself to the FULLEST."! 
 I had overindulged this time, I come away feeling sick, demotivated and mentally defeated. But luckily i manage to kick all these negativity off my mind and my body! My goal for the new year is to take things to the next level in my workouts and diet. No more excuses!
I'm here to share some workout i did few days back. PUSH WORKOUT 
I'm getting really lost before this, don't know what should i do for my body & my workout routine is all messed up. I'm grateful i have my bf and my friend SeanWong being my trainer, thanks for the guidances. Alright, i guess It's time to start creates my own workout routine and diet meal plan that suitable for my body. Will figure it out and share it in my blog soon. 

It's very important for women to have stong upper body strength. I want to gain my strength and get my arm in shape! Well, this exercise is mostly targetting the shoulders and arms, which i concern about…..arm fat.. HAHAHA! Every girl should know right..having flabby upper arms can be really annoying when wearing sleeveless clothes. So, here's some exercise i do :

Reverse grip push down
15 reps per set, 15 x 5 sets.. do it slowly, feel the muscle stretching.
Dumbbell bench press, bench flyes superset
10 reps X 10 sets for each.

And a HIIT cardio for 15 minutes after weight lifting that day.
Don't have to do too much of cardio, 15 minutes is more than enough. Make it 4-5 times a week.
That's all for today. Will do more updates about my workout routine in my blog. 

Remember, your lifestyle made you who you are!
Trust me...Nothing feels better than being heathy and FIT. 
I'm still in love with GYM, i still enjoy working out so much! Let's work hard for more! 

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  1. Karen, i have a muscle calves maybe due to I walk too much, it's really ugly, can you recommend any tips to makes my calves become straight and beautiful legs?

  2. Hi Karen, i would like to ask about how you tone your legs? will you share some tips about it ?
    btw, will running treadmills give me more muscular and ugly legs? :(
    Hope to get your reply soon and thanks!