Happy Birthday Chenelle ❤

22 February 2014

Happy Birthday to my babe ChenelleWen once again! 
Sorry for the late updates, been busy and i almost forgot to updates about this. Just found out all the photos taken that day hidden inside my folder. However, late is better than NEVER! hehehehehe

A photo with the gorgeous birthday girl before my blog post. 
Yes, it's a THEME PARTY and obviously it's SHANGHAI NIGHT. So everyone who attend the party have to dress up with something oriental. Hahaha, Just in time for pre Chinese New Year, wore cheongsam for CNY rehearsal, LOL! Hmmm, but I didn't really set up my hair because it's too rush, don't have time for it. So…. i guess wearing a cheongsam is good enough. 
Selfie with my loves, the typical "gong xi gong xi" pose!! such a poser..
We celebrate her Birthday at Grand Shanghai, Setia City mall. It's located at Puchong. There's a Shanghai street at the upper floor, below the cinema. You know what, love the atmosphere so much! Every corner of the place is fill with 1930 Shanghai's decorations, so oriental and vintage. Totally makes me feel like i'm at the old city of Shanghai. Scroll down, Have a look :)
The menu, it's like a newspaper.

The food that served that night.

Yay! Yee Sang is the must-have dish as part of the Chinese New Year dinner due to its symbolism of "good luck" for the new year. It signifying prosperity and wealth. HUATTTT ahh..
Some candid shots taken by the photographer.
A group photo with the people.

Guess what, Wow Photobooth is there too that night! 
It was such a great idea, all of us get to take photo with the props. Come on, Who don't love to take picture? Photo time is forever our favorite moment for girls! We keep taking pictures with different different props, different poses and different people that night! hahaha :D
Surprisingly, The photo quality is good too! Thank you Wow Photobooth for the soft copy.
i love this photo the most! hehe :D

Once again, Thanks babe for the invites! I had a great time ❤

For more information of the venue, visit  GrandShanghaiFoodThemePark.
or Wow photobooth, www.wowphotobooth.com.my/

That's all for today! :)