Our First Valentine's Day

19 February 2014

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's day :)

Sorry to say that, I don't really like the idea of Valentine's Day. It's seems like everyone is expecting something from their other half, like it's a "MUST" to receive gift / flowers on that day. I don't understand why there is Valentine's day, we can celebrate our joy with our loved one whenever we want right..why must we celebrate Valentine's day? We can show appreciation everyday right? LOL! 
I just don't get it, why must do it on that day.. 

BUT STILL, we need to follow the trend sometimes. *laugh*
 I don't expect much on Valentine's day. 
In fact, It's always better to feel surprised than disappointment. LOL

BUT i did prepared something for him because it's Valentine's Day! Everyone have to be mainstream once a while! HAHAHAHA. You know what, i feel super awkward when i pass him the gift and the handmade card. Seriously, i don't know why am i so nervous. That moment was epic funny! I trying to hide the gift and i keep laughing, he actually realized that i had something for him already.
 So ended up we both laughing for 123528123 hours…*what an awkward moment* 


我说其实爱对了人情人节每天都过。😄 哈哈哈哈, 热恋期是这样吗?

We spent our Valentine's Day in the gym! It doesn't matter where we go
Just as long as we are together, spending time together.. right?
 So why not we do something productive.
For example ….. GO TO THE GYM… *winkwink* (^_-)

 He asked me what i want for my Valentine's Day earlier. I said i want a LOVE LETTER
and he said : SERIOUSLY? only a love letter? no flowers? no need to buy you any gift?
and i said : YES! Just a love letter! I'm serious *with my serious face*

Seriously i have nothing i want, all i want is just something special, from the heart.
Call me old fashion, but i really LOVEEEEE receiving love letter. 
It's damn sweet!! I can read it every night before i go to bed. hahahahahaha :D

But the next day, he insist to buy me a watches to match with the G-Shock i brought him.
& So we finally had our 'couple watches', white color is so lovely !! Hahaha thank you baby (^_-)
And a love letter as promised. YAY! He said he's not good in writing letter but at least he tried.
Awwwwww, this is the best gift ever. Finally it's something i want. You melt my heart  =(^.^)=

Baby, although your hand writing is a bit 'ugly' but still acceptable la. hahaha! Thanks anyways!
Please write me letter more often, so i can collect all and put it in a file and make it a story book! LOL 




  1. A very simple, sincere and sweet post.
    Wishing you all the happiness.

  2. simple and sweet! all the best! =D

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