My Valentine

14 February 2014

Well, it's another midnight posts. Finally i feel like blogging.
The best thing and the only thing i can do is BLOG because i'm having some serious insomnia lately
I'm suppose to publish this up yesterday night but i got dragged out for sing k session last night with my boy and my friends. Continue blogging once i woke up …YES, Valentine's day is here!

Happy Valentine's Day people! 
I'm sure most of you all already noticed that i found my other half. hehehehe
Thanks to social media nowadays, nothing is private anymore. LOL! Well, I heard a lot of people "discussing" about my new relationship. A friend of mine told me that there's a lot of people asking her about me and my new boyfriend...They tend to compare him with my ex. Hello, stop comparing & it's none of your business anyways. SO, Here's some common question they'll ask: "how they get to know each others" , "where's this guy from" , "what's his occupation", "how old is he", "what car he drove", " is he wealthy"…This and that….OMG, does it matter to you? I'm not celebrity or whatsoever, why are these people talking about me? Hmmm….In facts, I don't really care about my another half's background, i don't care about his wealth because i don't really need to rely on anyone, i'm blessed…i have everything i need, i own a small business, it's not a problem for me to earn money by on own (although it's not much, but still better than, asking for materialistic stuff seems petty to me. So Please don't picture me as such a bimbo.

As long as he love me, and i'm happy with him, nothing else matters right…
Nahhh, what's over is over, life goes on. ♪( ´θ`)ノ

Valentine's day, as usual. Everyone's timeline will be flooded with lots of flowers and gift pictures.
Well, I don't expect anything from my Valentine because everyday is our Valentine's day
We appreciate each others everyday, we stick together every single day. I feel loved.
I feel blessed to have him in my life, he tried his best to take good care of me.
I appreciate all of his efforts. Thank you Wyman Ho (^_−)−☆

But i know sometimes guys expecting something too, so i did something for him.
A handmade card. Scarified my sleep for this, you better be touching! hahahahah
and of course a gift, just in case he expected, i don't wanna disappoint him! hahahaha
Not a very expensive stuff but i hope he will like it  (^∇^)

Btw, i haven't pass him all the gift yet…I hide everything..I'm not good in surprising people!
I feel a bit gan jiong right now because he's beside me, i'm shyyyyyy..hahahaha

Wish me luck (O_O)

signing off now….

Once again, Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope everyone enjoy this special day <3


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  2. i dont cares! i loved it!
    Happy Valentine to you Ms.Kho Xxx0 Txxg

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