10 Reasons You're Not Getting Slim at the Gym

20 March 2014

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Have you eaten your breakfast yet? 
I just had oatmeal, hard boiled eggs and peanut butter + banana bread as my breakfast…

You know what, BREAKFAST is the MOST important meal of the day because it helps start up our metabolism for the day and gives us the fuel to begin getting through the day. ( Good metabolism helps to lose weight/fats fast ) So… don't ever skip your breakfast! I think I've mentioned this more than hundred times… LOL!

By the way...Here's a photo of my body current condition. Sorry for the bad photo quality, photo taken using my iPhone5 front camera, look a bit weird cause it's self timer. HAHAHA! I really need someone to help me take a proper photo! Any helper? (^。^)
I cut down my cardio, more weight lifting recently. Focus on my shoulders and arms more. My shoulders, chest and arms is really weak, i only focus on my abs last time. So…. i have to do a lot of push up and chin up at the moment. I want to gain more strength! You know what, I always wanted to do a chin up without any weight support & i'm still working on it. I know i will get stronger day by day, Let's not give up #workharder

Alright, let's get back to topic. I've received a few message from my readers, telling me that they  are committed to working out and reduce the food intake...but still not losing weight. So i'm here to explain a lil for ya'all…I know there's a lot of people out there who went to the gym but not seeing results. FYI, Here's some main reason why you're Not Getting Slim at the Gym. 

1. You hit the gym on an empty stomach
Exercising first thing in the morning before eating is an optimal way to burn fat stores, [but] the problem is you won't have much energy to work out.Cars need fuel to run efficiently and so do we. Power up before you hit the gym with an easily digestible meal. 

2. You eat too many carbs before exercising
And, yes, you need to eat, but don't consume too many carbs (good or bad) before your workout if you want to see results. Because "The added blood glucose will encourage the use of those and other sugars for your fuel source rather than the fat stores."

3. You repeat the same cardio routine
When you first begin a cardio regime, your body burns more calories and you see progress more quickly. But if you don't continually challenge yourself with new moves, your workout turns into weight maintenance instead of weight loss. So... "Mix it up with some intervals or tempo runs on hills to see continued results. Do something challenging"

4. You don't challenge your muscles
Go toward that burning, uncomfortable feeling in your muscles. Always surprise your muscles with something new. That's how you'll get the results you want to achieve. Interval overload training produces maximum results in minimal time.

5. You use the wrong weights

6. You sacrifice good form
Bad form not only puts you at risk for injury, but it also prevents you from maximizing your workouts. "Having good form will allow you to get deeper in the positions and help your body transform fast." If you're not sure how to do a move, ask a trainer.

7. You perform exercises that don't work for your body type
Find a routine that is suitable for your body

8. You "waist" too much time working your core
You don't need to do an endless amount of crunches. Your best bet is to expend that energy on exercises that burn more calories. "If you're doing free weights, your core is getting worked too. "You can burn a lot more calories targeting large muscle groups rather than smaller ones, so stick to squats and skip all those sit-ups."

9. You fail to push yourself hard enough
Always Push yourself harder.

10. You don't fuel properly when you leave the gym
It's just as important to replenish your body with proper nutrients after your workout. Avoid eating processed foods. Drink plenty of water and fill up on fresh fruit and veggies. Smart eating habits and healthy lifestyle choices will help you achieve the results you want.

Alright, that's all for today. Hopefully this post helps & give you an idea. DO IT RIGHT!

If you want it, work for it (^o^)/



  1. This post are so much helpful for me! thanks! :) Can you suggest what should i eat before hitting the gym? :)

    1. Hi Joanna, You're welcome
      You can try eat Banana, Sweet potatoes or something high in protein. exp: Chicken breast, broccoli etc

    2. try tortilla + 1 spoon of peanut butter + 1 spoon of honey.....wrap it all together.....super pre-workout food..... ;-)

  2. Hi Karen . Your blog always inspire and motivate me. Thanks a lot !!! Hopefully can see more in more fitness post. I'm wondering how do u train your back ? Would you like to share with us?? You know what.. I'm always read ur blog before I kick into gym. And I followed those tips that u gave and guided. Thank you for making so much inspiration fitness blog .

    1. Hi Gladys! Nice to meet you! Thanks for reading my blog! Really appreciate it <3
      There's a lot of back exercise, i will post some video in my insta soon :)

  3. Hi there, I would like to ask u, what do u mean by "u use the wrong weights" and "perform exercises that doesn work for your body type"?

    1. Hi, because everyone is different, we have to do the suitable(different) weight to help us to achieve the body we want.

  4. One of the best article that I read in your fitness blog!

    Now I know why I initial training awesome get quicker result, thanks to your: point #3 You repeat the same cardio routine

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  5. Well written ! My biggest challenge is my tummy , typical issue for guys.

  6. hi karen, does dumbbell makes arm firmer ? Any ways to make arm firm and not flabby ? You've been motivated me a lot!

    1. Yes, if you just wanna tone up/firm your arm. Do more reps :)

  7. will it makes my arm smaller also?

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  9. Karen, for me, you'are much different to the others bloggers.
    I accidentally found your blog in GOOGLE. The first blog post that I read was on the March 25, 2014- My skin care.
    I found that you're actually make a really hard effort to transform yourself. Honestly, most of the bloggers are tian sheng li zhi, they born to be beautiful. But, you are not. From the past until now, you changed a lot, you make effort to try to transform yourself, from a pimples girl to a well skin tone girl, from a skinny girl to the girl who own an abs.
    I have the pimple and whitehead problem right now,I feel really depressed and sad.... But, after read your blog, I am so motivated! Thank you for giving a hope. I believe I can change a better me by making hard effort, Thank you Karen!

    1. Hi ChenXin,

      Thank you for reading <3
      I'm glad that i can pass u some positive energy,haha.
      Yes,you can. We all can do it together. For a better tomorrow :)


  10. Really helpful advice! Was wondering about number 5 though, "You use the wrong weights". Can you elaborate a little on that please? :)