New Hair Color for MARCH

21 March 2014

It's the middle of the night, i couldn't fall asleep. Reason is because.. I guess i think too much lately. But ..CANT HELP..i can't stop my mind of thinking…Since i can't go to sleep.. i'm back here to updates a lil. YES, i dyed hair today in 76 Saloon, Midvalley Branch! It is another new color this time, i'm really really exciting for it. Alright, let's do a quick updates. 
Here's a photo of my BEFORE. mange to take a photo of it this time..hahaha.
Everyone said this color is nicer, but i don't like it. I'm bored with brown/blonde hair. Yellowish tone make me feel sick, idk why…hahaha! Still prefer ASH color or Purple/Red color tone. Basically all the color had faded away, and what left is just frizzy hair and ugly black root on the top.
There you go… my AFTER. 
After hair dyed & Ultrasonic Treatment again. It's Platinum Matte Ash this time. More Ash & a lil green if you notice that. I'm pretty satisfy with the outcome! You know what, Normally i will do Ultrasonic treatment right after i dyed my hair, cause it's the best timing to moisture it. Hair colored bring a lot of damages to our hair, that's why we need to do treatment very often to SAVE it.. Btw, Ultrasonic Treatment can last for a month! So can just do it once a month :)
 Selfie time after complete my hair of course! 
Different color in different lightning! More like green + a lil blue…The color is darker in indoor & brighter when there's sunlight! Awwwwww, it's awesome! 
 I prefer darker color, it somehow makes me look healthier. hahahaha :P
 A photo with SteveKoh, my stylish :)
Thank You Steve for making me feel beautiful because of my hair! Say goodbye bad hair day & ugly black root! After all, I'm satisfy with all his work! Always gave me surprises…Well, He suggest me to cut my hair short for the next visit, i'm thinking…"SHOULD i" hahahaha..Cannot imagine myself with short hair, the last time i had short hair is 6/7 years ago…hahahaha! alright, WILL SEE!

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 For those who are interested to pay a visit.. 
Remember to call for appointment before you go. 

Here's address of the saloon :

Number76 Saloon (Mid Valley Branch)
A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, 
Mid Valley City, 
No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utra 59200 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 2287 0661

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