Happy Birthday Povy! #povy22colorpop

20 May 2014

There's so many birthday party to attend lately! But i can only remember the special one i've attended earlier in Container Hotel, KL. It's Povy's 22th Birthday Party! Another theme party that night, which is color pop. As you can see, everyone who attend that party tonight were all dressed up very colorful, making the whole party more cheerful. hahahaha. Thank you bf for accompanied me that night, i don't have to worry that he got nothing to do over there..because he always bumped into friends everywhere.  Guess he had bigger social network than i do. LOL!
Once again, Happy Birthday to sweetie PovyTeng! 
Glad to meet everyone there! It has been a while we never gather each others together.
Casey, Careen, Maggie, Povy, Jac, Chenelle, Yours Truly & Bell
Each of the guest get one of these MIVVA box, lots of goooooodies ;)
& Beer for the night for all the guests.
Happy 22th Birthday Princess ♥
OMG, the cuztomize cake is so nice! Sooooo many macaroon! SO CUTE!

Wow Photobooth is a must for every party/event! We can take photo can print it out immediately  
It's better than selfie, cause you don't have to hold the camera and pose. You can pose how the way you want with their props. Awwwww, i love Wow Photobooth 
Ellui Accessories is there too! We can take photo with all these cool glasses!

Had so much fun that night! 
Thanks for the invites babe ♥ Hope you enjoy your big day! 

Stay pretty & sweet always * xoxo 

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