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24 May 2014

Hello Readers, It's time to introducing you all something good again. I guess a lot of you might heard about this brand before because there's a lot of people promoting this in Instagram & Facebook if you notice that. But still i have to introduce a lil deeper about this skin care. hehehe. Just did a review of this brand. This MEO products is all the way from Taiwan, i saw a lot of taiwanese & blogger are using this right now. It's like a trend now.

They have a whole range of skin care. Here's some details of the products that i've tried..
1. Cleanser, 2.Vitalizer, 3.Serum
GIRLS! Cleansing is always the most important part! Bare in mind okay. Deep cleansing will always helps us to create a clear skin.Therefore, We have to make sure that there's all the pores in clean all the time to prevent breakout.
Okay, how to use? how to cleanse?

MeO cleanser, your face must be dry, and hand can wet a little bit, press 2 pump if face is bigger, or 1 pump is enough. Then massage on face evenly. Some nose area or blackheads or whiteheads places can massage harder. Wash until 80% dry, fingers add some water, and massage again, repeat this step around 3 times, and also wash the neck, then can wash off. Wash off with keep chaging clean water and harder too. Your face will be very soft and fair after use. 

Derma Cleanser Mousse:
Suit all skin type, no anionic active agent, whitening, soften blackheads

MeO cleanser不像市面上卖的洗脸霜哦。 我们的很温和,不会刺激皮肤。 通常一般市面卖的洗脸霜或洗面乳用了后会很干,很紧绷,让你觉得表皮很干净,其实是错的哦,那么干和紧绷只会让我们脸出更多油哦。 而且外面的只在表皮洗,meo是有入肤系统,能带入皮肤内层,真正清理干净肌肤。 Meo cleanser能洗一个小时都没问题的哦。减少水份流失, 洗后感觉非常滑,白,干净。

MeO Derma Cleanser Mousse contains a non-ionic surfactants free of grease and chemical flavor, mild, does not irritate the skin and eyes, and effectively maintain the skin's protective film to reduce water copies of the loss, so I do not damage the skin, there will not be a dry tight feeling after use. Unlike cleansing foam or cleansing milk in the market. 

Normally, cleansing will make our skin dehydrate.
 But this Cleanser works really good on keeping the skin hydrate and soft. 
This is how to mousse looks like.The texture, It's all small bubbles. 
My pore feel so clean and refreshing after using this!
After cleansing, it's important to moisture it immediately. It is important to make the pores close after cleansing, make it moisturize and irritant-free. While MeO Derma Vitalizer uses non-ionic surfactant for toning our pores with skin pH value close to the same level as our skin normal pH value. It can smoothen and not irritated to our skin. Even sensitive skin can use.

It's easy to use, just spray it on your face.
Design for lazy people like me, hahaha. Derma Vitalizer spray to keep the skin hydrate all the time.
It is suitable for all skin type, no alcohol base, tighten pores, anti allergy, inflammation 

Using MeO Derma Vitalizer will implent an anti-irritant protection barrier on our skin to allows our skin feeling moisturize; sheilding our skin's intercellular matrix from external environment conditions and preparing our skin to better absorb nourishing and health-beneficial skin products. 

1. Absolutely no alcohol content; not irritating and harmful to our skin. 
2. Employ natural surface acting agent to close our pores. 
3. Can contract our pores to aid and sustain a healthy skin. 
4. Capable to form a protective layer that is exposed to air; for ensuring our skin will not be drying. 
5. Ensure nourishing and beneficial product can be easily absorb by our skin. 
6. A low pH value that is close to the same level as our skin normal pH value and caused no irritation in our skin.
賦活液 Derma Vitalizer
Having dark circles problem? USE this Vit.K1+ E Topical Serum!
Something that you can apply overnight to reduce the dark circles for the next day.

Here's the ingredients and the benefits : 

Vitamin K1+E Topical Serum- Dark Eye Ring, Blueblack, Brandy nose, Damage blood capillaries, before & after operation, Subdue dark circles around the eyes

Vitamin K1 is extract from the green leaf plants, such as cabbage and spinach.It helps the blood clotting to react faster and also reduce the probability of blood vessel bursting.

Vitamin K1 can strengthened blood capillaries (rigidity and flexibility) and reduce the dark circle around our eyes.

MeO Vitamin K1 Topical Serum uses ATeDS patented technology provide the product excellent penetration into skin to achieve desirable result.
VitK1+VitE 精純液 Vit.K1+ E Topical Serum
Dark Eye Ring, Blueblack, Brandy nose, Damage blood capillaries, before & after operation


  1. 使用ATeDS专利技术制造,使产品在肌肤上有更好的渗透力。
  2. 可帮助修复受损的血管壁,强化其韧度与弹性。
  3. 不含防腐剂,具有长效保存期限。
  4. 能减少因血管破裂所导致的黑眼圈,瘀伤,紫斑,酒糟鼻。

It helps to lighten the dark circles very effectively. Just use it every night before you go to bed.
Besides all daily skin routine, applying a mask is also a must!
Our skin needs a lot a lot a lot of water. Must keep it hydrate all the time!

If you're more concern about whitening, try this Dual B Vit. Mask, it contains Vitamin B5 and B3.
Vitamin B3 is benefits for Balances oil & Vitamin B5 helps locks water and moisture skin
It helps to make skin smooth, elastic and glossy to help you become a water beauty easily that you cannot imagine. 
For those who are interested to purchase, Whatsapp : 0123133596
Line/ WeChat : Lemoreclothes, Instagram : lemoreclothes
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Alright, that's all for today's sharing.
Hope you all enjoy reading. Thanks * xoxo!

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