Baby's Birthday @ COCOTEI Tokyo Japanese Cuisine

28 June 2014

Happy 23th Birthday WymanHO! I've no idea why i kena "con" by his looks at the first place, he doesn't looks like 23 at all! After since i get to know him longer, he's definitely a 23 years old guy.. or maybe younger than that. hahahah! Baby, you're now officially 23th years old, May you be blessed with happiness, success and unlimited joy. I hope we can spend another year, happy and in love. 

Happy Birthday Once again!! 

We had an earlier celebrate one day before his Birthday @Mable 8 with his friends. Just a bottle of wine, few cups of drink & some desserts and we called it a night. Nothing special. I didn't really took  photos because i was too busy talking with my babe Chenelle. LOL. We went to PHUTURE for second round. It has been a while i never step in that places. Everything is the same, but the feeling isn't the same anymore. I donno how to explain…Hmmm, It's like,,I'm not excited to go to party anymore like the past. I feel old for party, i feel stressed when seeing so many people inside the club, i don't feel like drinking either. So.. basically i just stand there the whole night and looking after my boy. He's drunk that night. That's what happened to a Birthday Boy on his Birthday right. It's the first time i ever saw him drunk….It's also the first time i taking care of a drunkard. I used to be the one who always let someone else take care of me last time. Seems like everything has CHANGED! hohoho! But you know what, i prefer how it is right now. If you want me to blog about my feeling, my experience & my thoughts, i can write 5000 words thesis! Hahahaha next blog post maybe. It's kinda out of topic already. 

He looks really exhausted cause he's in a serious hangover, LOL!
Whether it is a Birthday, Valentine's day, or Anniversary etc … always give me a big headache! I don't really like BIG DAY, cause it's really hard to decide WHERE TO EAT! That's the "first world problem"… I asked my boy one month before his birthday, he said he had no idea..ask me to decide. Seriously, i've no idea too! I'm a indecisive person. Hahaha! Initially, we planned to join his family for dinner at Rakuzen..but ended up we go out for dinner ourselves because we went to Rakuzen like "every week".. We don't wanna eating at the same place. My opinion is...birthday dinner doesn't have to be an expensive one, but at least something different, something new. Am i right ? So i insist to bring him to some new places. (although i donno where to go)

 We were siting inside the car & driving around without a destination. 

Eventually, he can't give me an answer. So i decided to go for Japanese food because that's my ALL TIME FAVORITE! We went to COCO TEI in Jalan Delima, KL. Not too pricey & the environment is quite comfortable. I been this place before few years back. I really had a good experience in there, so i decided to pay another visit on that day :)
Nice environment  & good services
They had nice tatami seats which makes the whole ambience and experience more authentic.
The interior design of the place is modern mixed with very Japanese traditional stuff. 
My excited face while waiting for the food to be serve.
We ordered two sets menu that night. Mine is the one with Soba soup, his is the one with sizzling beef.
It's more worthy to order from SET MENU because you get to try their Sashimi, salad, Chawanmushi & the main course (at your choice). In cheaper price. 

The drinks ,green tea and water were served promptly without having to even ask for it. And they were complimentary. Unlike other Japanese joints who charge for everything.

A table of foooooood. We finished everything!
Yes everything on the table, including the bowl. Nahhh, just kidding. 

Alright, Let's see what we had. Fried Tempura from my set menu. 

We did enjoy the chawanmushi as it was silky smooth and laden with ingredients.

SALAD from the set menu, I've no comment for this cause i didn't try this. Hahaha

I've no idea why he ordered this. This is not really nice and the price is overrated. 
RM76 for the beef set menu, the portion is so small & there's nothing special with the beef. 
Hmm, Not worth the price. I will not order this anymore.
 Udon Soup Set ( Rm58)
But i don't eat Udon..I LOVE TO EAT SOBA.
 So, i changed it to Zaru Soba with RM5 additional charge. The soba is goooood!
Maybe i should try their cold soba next time :)

This is what I LOVE THE MOST! Their Sashimi! So freshhhhh & Yummy!!
We had two bowl of these because we ordered two sets menu. You can also order the ala carte one.
For the ala carte set, It's Rm32 for 5 pieces of Salmon Sashimi. I have to say that...Their Sashimi is SUPER GOOD! Better than all the Japanese cuisine that i've tried. Must must must try!

Their sushi roll is good too!! We ordered this Avocado Lover Roll ( RM36) , brimming with bouncy baby octopus, velvety avocado & a garlicky sauce, lived up to its name. Love at first bite.

Foie Gras Special ( RM90)
 Foie gras with Coco Tei "special sauce". A bit salty and sweet. 
An intriguing recipe, with hints of sesame in the sauce that nicely complemented the liver's fatty flavor

 Scallop on the top & Eggplant under the Foie Gras. It tastes so goooood!!
Better than the first time i had few years back. This time is better! 

Overall, The food quality was good. All the dishes ordered were very tasty and good quality. 
Especially The sashimi, it was extremely good. I'm satisfy with everything, will definitely pay another visit next time!! Hopefully they can invite me for food review next time, hahahah! *just kidding*

Good food & great companion ❤ 
That's what makes my night perfect! Hope he enjoy the dinner too! xoxo

A #ootn shoot before i left. If only u notice that...Yea, i look a bit different because i did something to my hair, something not so usual. I rarely set my hair cause i'm lazy, my hair is either curl or pony tail. So boring right. So i decided to do something different that night. Hahaha. Just a quick & simple one. ❤ Love my dress, it is from Bestylish
Another Three floor inspired pieces. Love it so much! Especially the color!
Alright that's all for this post! 

For those who are interested to pay a visit. 
Here's the address :

Address: No. 5, Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening times: 11.45am-2pm (Lunch)
and 6pm-10pm (Dinner).
Tel: 1800-88-6655

You can search the Location in Waze. 
Ps: They validate the ticket for you so you don't have to pay for the guarded parking. 


  1. Looks so delicious!
    I started the blog about Japanese fashion,so happy to see this article written by the blogger like you.

    wanna see the article like this again!

    1. Yes it's really delicious! Would definitely pay another visit in the future :)
      Thanks for reading!

  2. the food looks real good and i like your dress! :)

    1. Yes, their food is really good!
      Thanks :)

  3. hi karen, the dress is absolutely stunning on u! do u mind sharing where to get it? :)

    1. Hi There, it's from
      Or you can follow instagram : bestylish8

    2. Thanks for our prompt reply karen ^-^! love your blog. cheers!

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