Oh Scooter Cafe @ SS21, Subang

3 July 2014

Coffee is a language in itself. Learn to enjoy it :)
COFFEE DATE again. Actually, I'm not a coffee person but I think i really got influenced by my bf lately. He's a super caffeine addict. He can't survive a day without a coffee. Like totally get addicted to it already. I don't know how he going to live if there's no more coffee in the world. Hahaha. He will probably roll on the floor and cry. I can't have more than one cup of coffee, my heart beat really fast & barely breath if i exist my limits. *poor me* So, what we basically when we are together? Just yumcha, eat, gym, and movie perhaps. We love to explore new places. So anyway, I had some spare time in my hands so I decided to visit this Oh Scooter Cafe, which is located at USJ 21.

Actually i found this out from Instagram & Facebook newsfeed. I get really interests with the Cotton Candy Coffee, so i had to try this! Seriously didn't know that it's so NEAR to my bf's place. Just 5 minutes away! Cool! So happy now i have some new spot to hang out during my free time. 

I visited during the daytime cause i prefer the natural day lightning.
Oh scooter Cafe, of course there's scooter inside the cafe! 
More and more scooters! There's a lot classic Vespa. *Boooot boooot booot*

The environment is Cosy & comfortable; i could spend a couple of hours here. 
Yes, It's self service. Once your order is ready, they will SHOUT your name out loud & you have to go collect your drinks yourself at the counter. You know what, I feel kinda awkward when they called my name so loud in the cafe. Like everyone knows your name already…. LOL! *weird*
Of course, the main purpose of a "coffee date" is to capture some nice photos.
I couldn't get enough of photo because the lightning is too nice, hehehehe :D

We only ordered drinks because there's not much choices of food, just desserts.
Basically is just cake, cake and more cakes. I don't feel like eating cakes, so i didn't ordered any.
Just a cup of Latte ( RM 9.90 ) & their signature coffee will do.
Their signature coffee. Have you ever seen a cotton candy coffee? This is one!
I think this is one of the main reason that attracts everyone to go to this places!

Signature coffee (RM11.90)
 with components of espresso, milk & cotton candy served separately.
Here's a short video teaching you how to drink the signature coffee.

I never watched this video before i go & the waiters is like expecting me to know how to drink their signature coffee. (——)But actually i've no idea how to drink this. I look around, but there's no demo allows me to follow. So i just put the whole cotton candy inside the cup. Under it's fully melt, i poured the espresso into it. Not sure whether it's right or wrong but eventually...all you need is to add everything into the cup. Maybe in a different steps, idk. Hahahahaha. *whatever*
My bf gets really interested with the cotton candy.
He asked me to ordered another Ala Carte Cotton Candy for him because he think it's weird for him to walk to the counter and ask for the cotton candy, HAHAHAH!
What's next? He finish the Cotton Candy! Here's the prove!  hahahahaha
Alright, my turn now! Playing with the cotton candy before it dissolves into our tummy.

I will not go to a cafe without FREE wifi! Luckily there's FREE WIFI! You don't even have to ask for it. They have this lil sign every corner around the cafe. Yes, i mean every corners. Including the toilet.

Last but not least,
Purposely edit this photo of us together because i realized i forgot to selfie with him *my bad*

Alright, here's the details if you guys interested to pay a visit :

Oh Scooter Cafe
Adress: Jalan USJ 21/10,
Subang Jaya (opposite main place)

Business Hours: 10am-11.30pm Daily

Contact Number : 03-8011-5507
E-mail: hotbaristas@ohscootercafe.com


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