Day Trip @ Universal Studio Singapore (Part 1)

20 August 2014

Hellooooo Universal Studio
So basically the main purpose of my Singapore Trip is to visit Universal Studio. It's like the SOUL of our trip, cannot skip! LOL. This is my second time visiting Universal Studio. The first time was in Japan, years ago. Awww, i miss JAPAN so much! Wish i could travel Japan again with my bf next time! Aiming for Japan Universal Studio & DISNEY SEAAAA next time! 

We made a mistake! We really shouldn't go on WEEKEND, because it's sooo crowded! Don't go during the PEAK SEASON!! There's Tourists everywhere! Everything need to queue! Luckily we bought our ticket online, so we can skip the queue. 
It's cheaper to buy the ticket online. 
 It's around 66 SGD (RM173++) if not mistaken.

Remember to grab a MAP at the entrance so that you won't missed out anything!

Believe it or not, Even children ride need to queue! At least an hour for just a 2-3 minutes ride.

So we decided to buy EXPRESS PASS on the spot! It costs another $50!! So that we can go straight to the front line, skip all the long queue! The entry + express pass costs us $116  >.<

Express pass is $50 a person and it can only be used once for each ride. 
So if you want to take a ride twice, you'd have to join the regular queue. But if you want unlimited express pass, it's $70!! Which i think is totally NOT WORTH IT

Okay, wanna see more photos of USS?

There you go!

I don't know where to start. I took so so so so many photos in USS!


Obviously it's just part of my album…..
 there are so so so many MORE……Hahahahaha

check out my album here - USS Singapore
I have a serious headache which one to "HIGHLIGHT" (O_O)

Okay okay, where should i start?

Okay. Transformers Ride! Everyone said that it's good so it's a MUST-TRY!
Overall this ride is good. I rate it 7/10, it's something like the Universal Studio Japan's Spiderman ride.
I love the "falling down from the building" part! It's awesome! But the 3D effects is making me dizzy.

Luckily we had the express pass, so we don't have to queue. 
You have to queue at least 60-80 minutes for this ride if you don't have an express pass.

There's a souvenir store at every exit of the ride. 
So if you're a BIG FANS of transformers, you might interested to bring their stuff home.

But actually…take photo is more than enough. 
I don't what to do with all these if i really bought it home. 

I was planning to get this BumbleBee tumbler. But at the end i bought the Shrek one! hahaha

It's $25.90 each. Worth to buy if you really really like it LAHHH..haha

Every single corner of USS is full of beautiful scene. 

We did stopped by & enjoy the view for a seconds. 

Some OOTD shoot in USS, wish i could bring a luggage of clothes & take my ootd one by one.
BUT I CANT, there's not enough time! I have to try all the rides, don't wanna waste my express pass.

The Sesame Streeeeeet!

My favorite ELMO! So cuteeeee!

The babababannanana is bigger than ME!!

The Far Far Away

1. Revenge of the Mummy !!! It's a indoor high speed rollar coaster
2. Transformers @ Sci-Fi City
3. Canopy Flyer @ Jurassic Park

Others than that is mostly not-so-exiciting one. Mostly is kids ride. (super slow one)
Too bad i didn't get to try to Battlestar Galactica ( the outdoor roller coaster), It's closed that day :(

Well well well, i guess that's all for this posts. I wanna share about the food i had in USS too, but this post is long enough, maybe i should blog about it in another blog post. I spam too much photos here already. Ooooops, sorry xxx Hahaha..

Alright, Till then!!!

Will blog about the foooood i had in USS on the part 2!! 



  1. Hi..all of your pictures are very nice..
    may i know which model of camera are u using?

    thanks lot

  2. I'm glad you enjoy. I love the mummy ride too! I didn't know it was high speed. I can't deal with the red/blue rides thou, that was really scary. Transformers ride is the best I must agree! x

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