My Stay in Singapore ( Holiday Inn Express, Clarke Quay)

15 August 2014

Dear readers, my Part 1 of my Singapore trip 2014 is ready!!
Yea, i went to Singapore right after the next week i came back from Bangkok. Traveling is so much FUN. I have so much to share about my Bangkok trip, but i only manage to publish two of the places i went this time. There's still a lot more i would love to share about. I guess i will blog about it when i free, one by one alright. *chuckle* 

Now, let's talk about my Singapore trip first! hehehe! 
It's another trip with my boy, just two of us this time :)
We can't really plan for a trip because he doesn't know when is his holiday. That's why most of our trip is "super last minute", like we settle everything few days before the trip. It's so RUSH, i don't even have time to feel excited about the trip & i'm already there. -.- You get what i mean? hahahaha
There's no words to describe how much i love to TRAVEL!

It's really important to see the world. You get to forget your problems/issues for a few days/weeks. Going on vacation lets us recharge our “batteries”. Traveling never fail to gives me a new perspective about life. It’s nice to live life to its fullest and enjoy a stress free time during Travel, especially with your loved one. The memories is priceless.

We took morning flight to Singapore by AirAsia. The flight fares is around 300+ per pax. I think it's a bit expensive because i guess it is peak season that time. Even the hotel is slightly expensive too. It's really hard to pick a Hotel every time i go to Singapore. There's definitely no CHEAP and NICE hotel in Singapore. If you want a budget one, mostly is those "palia" room/ backpacker room. I rather spent a few more hundreds to get a better one. Somehow, you still have to spend money on Travel. So it's fine.
The exchange rate is damn HIGH (2.58). It's so much better if i'm earning SGD, but TOO BAD i'm not. Poor kid...Malaysian ringgit is rather worthless... LOL. 

My bf always said that Chain hotel is the best idea to stay in. So we decided to stay in Holiday Inn Express, Clarke Quay. If you're looking for an affordable, comfortable, convenient hotel for a short stay in Singapore,  a chain hotel is well worth checking out. It's around RM500++ per night 

Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay have a total of 442 rooms and here’s what to expect for your stay:

  • Free and fast Wi-Fi available 
  • Free Express Start™ Breakfast or a Grab & Go option for a smart start to the day
  • A comfortable and restful sleep with high quality bedding and a choice of firm or soft pillows
  • Self-service business centre and laundry room for your everyday needs
  • 24-hour fitness room access to indulge in your fitness regime any time
  • Rooftop swimming pool

Upon arriving at the hotel, the high ceilings and the natural earthy colors used was very inviting. 

There's only 6-7 floor in total, but there are plenty of rooms!

The environment is quite eco-friendly, garden everywhere. 

Beautiful scene everywhere, especially at night.


The room is clean & tidy. The window is huge, perfect for natural light selfie. HAHAHA
But the view from our room is not really nice, just facing the windows of another rooms.
and here’s the interior of the room
Not very BIG but it’s cosy enough with sufficient space to move around.

The bed is really comfortable too!

Wireless speaker for us to play song..

I did record a short video of the room using MeiPai apps, check it out :)


There's free breakfast included with the room. 
Breakfast was held in the Great Room in the lobby. From 6.30-10.30am if not mistaken.
But there's not much of choices.
Basically, this is what we eat every morning. Almost the same everyday.
But the food is good, tastes good i mean. 

"Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day!"
There is Grab & Go breakfast option which consists of a cup of hot beverage, muffin and fruit.
 Busy guests don’t have an excuse for skipping breakfast. Very thoughtful of the hotel!

The seats were all around the rest of the area on the ground floor. Most of the seats were in the non-aircon section, but surprisingly, we didn’t feel hot or humid.


We also headed to the rooftop to check out their Fitness Room & rooftop pool.
I always booked a hotel with gym facilities & pool. Because i really NEED it.
I love trying out different gym & enjoy my swimming time in a beautiful pool in the morning.

Guess what!! Their Gym open 24 hours!
Meaning that you can gym at the midnight, LOL! Never try that before, maybe i should try it next time.
It's open air, no air-con in the fitness room. (which i really like that)
I definitely don't like working out in a air-con room, it's too comfortable. LOL 

There's also a park right beside the rooftop pool where you can take your beautiful OOTD here. haha

more & more photos of the pool. 
Scroll down for more :)
The swimming pool is awesome. Like an aquarium 

I can swim like a fish inside the pool ..
Who need a waterproof camera when you have a transparent pool? hahaha

FYI, here's the address of the Hotel :

Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay 
2 Magazine Road Singapore 059573 Singapore
Contact : 1-855-201-7819

You can find better rate in :)

The hotel is nearby the famous nightlife spot in Singapore, CLARKE QUAY
Walking distance around 10-15 minutes, but i don't think it's near. Actually it's quite a distance from our hotel. I expected it to be nearer, because i'm so lazy to walk after a long day of shopping. Hahaha

I also bumped into my friend, Povy in Singapore! Had a great time chit-chat with her & enjoy checking out people in Clarke Quay. That place is really happening, full of club/bar/restaurants. haha. It's really exciting to meet someone from your country unexpectedly, what an coincidence. 

I didn't really took a lot of photo there because i wanna save my battery for USS the next day.
Will blog about my tour in Universal Studio Singapore NEXT!



  1. Nice place to stay the next time I visit Singapore. Love the gym the most.

  2. Hope you like your stay in Singapore!! :)

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  4. Hope you enjoy your stay in SG :) You should try to eat the local delights here too! X