"Fitness Isn't About Fitting In"

24 September 2014

After long battling with my laziness and excuses, I finally decided to create this blog! *claps claps*

I really miss how my workout life used to be last time, I'm happier to be that way.
Fitness has been an essential part of my life from last year till now. 
No doubts, Get my ass off to gym is still the best decision i've ever made in my life. 

Yes, "Fitness Isn't About Fitting In",
It's a lifestyle. A life changing journey for me.

I'm a person that love to challenge myself, all the time.
I want myself BACK!
If you read my fitness posts all this while, you will know how long i've been neglect about posting fitness tips on my blog. LOL. So what am i doing these few months?

Basically, i'm trying to gain some weight ( It's like vacation for my body)
I've cut down all my workout & stopped eating completely CLEAN for 4-6 months.
Surprisingly, i gained 6kg between this period of time. From 43kg-49kg. It's not very obvious that I've gained that much of weight, because i'm a bit UNDERWEIGHT last time. My fat percentages is only 17% & my metabolic rate is super HIGH! LOL! Hmmm, Whatever it is, life is suppose to move forwards, not backwards..No matter what, i have to keep myself improving. "No point comparing, just fight for something better." Somehow, I still prefer how my body is right now(not too skinny) and aiming for a BETTER body now. A FIT, STRONG & LEAN body.

AWWWWW, that's some REAL motivation 

A define ABS is what i always aiming for. It tooks a lot of discipline & determination to achieve this!

I've tried out a lot of different workout regime these few months to find out the most effective ways for the ladies. ( A simple one) I know there's a lot ladies out there who are dying to lose some weights & I know that there's a lot of fitness inspiration out there..but IN FACTS most of them are just trying to sell their so called "magic"products. Hmmm……I never really support/took any diet pills etc to slim down all this while. So..NO WORRIES, i have nothing to sell here! Not going to ask any of my readers to buy anything. Hahaha….don't have to subscribe to read all my workout tips either. In my blog, It's just PURELY sharing of my own experience. ( not professional one, LOL) Bare in mind, There's no Shortcuts in LIFE. Workout & Eat Clean is my ONLY WAY! That's my Philosophy. Like it or not, I'm still me..doing things that makes me happy; Happy with things i do it everyday.

Well, Hopefully my upcoming workout regime may helps! 
I'm now preparing the video and everything for my next posting.

You can also drop me a comment if you wish to know any particular exercise etc. We can discuss them together! We can maybe even experiment with new workout together! I always dreamed of having a workout group to motivate each other. I hope to also find new friends so we can organize workouts together maybe? Hahaha maybe with this blog, there are endless amount of things we could achieve. I hope to be able to inspire more people into doing what’s best for themselves and for their body!!

Let this FIT & HEALTHY JOURNEY start right now!

 Thanks for reading xoxo


  1. HI Karen, you're really my motivation <3 love to read your blog :)
    it would be great if you can post more about healthy food recipe. thanks

    1. Awwwww, thank youuuuuuu <3
      Yes yes i will !

  2. Hi Karen!
    I always wondering if I just stick to few constant work out routines like on th treadmill, cycling, sit-ups.. will it be effective to cut down some weights?
    Also I wanna know if planking really works for building abs? What's th correct way to do planking ( by position )?

    I wish I have th stamina like you!

    1. Hi There,
      Yes you can,
      Planking is good for the whole body, it helps building core too.
      you can visit my previous fitness blog post for more info.

      No worries, you can do it too <3

  3. i'm so hard to gain weight and high metabolism too, i'm already 19 but still stuck at 40kg :( what should i do?