Hello Short Hair

22 September 2014


I’ve just cut my long hair SHORT!
I always said that I want a short hair for years, but I’ve no courage to cut it. I afraid that I might not looks good with short hair…short hair is harder to manage…I might looks chubby with short hair….etc. It’s a real big decision, really! I’m glad I’ve finally MADE it now!!

But this medium short length is quite hard to take care, as expected. I have to blow it every time after I washes my hair. I want a straight and bouncy hair

It’s quite troublesome for me cause I’m not good in syling my own hair. 
AND….i’m SUPER LAZY to style my hair!

What I need to blog my hair: Hair dryer, comb, clip…and many many more tools. 
This two is the main things I need! But still, I can’t get the results I want! :(
I’m wondering why it is so DIFFICUIT, just a HAIR! Lol!

I wish there’s something that can naturally makes my hair looks GOOD! Anytime, Anywhere!

Tell me if you have any idea? Will you?
What is your crazy idea on straight hair?
Do let me know your thoughts on the “Straight hair experiment”.

I also stumbled upon Sunsilk FB page where they are running some crazy contest to promote perfect straight hair! They are also running a contest to give away awesome prizes!

Check it out here https://apps.facebook.com/beautifullystraight

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