Greetings from HK

17 September 2014

Greetings from Hong Kong!

Travel is full of Happiness. I enjoy traveling around so much!
It's another last minute trip i booked last week & here i am in Hong Kong right now.

This is probably the 3/4 times i travel to Hong Kong, the last time i visited here is years ago.
I can't even remember WHEN! ….Can you imagine how long is it? I don't remember anything about HK, this place is a bit strange for me. I did some last minute research online before i fly here. But most of the information is not-good-enough for ME.

 I've no idea how to plan my whole trip. *just follow the flow*

Just landed at HK yesterday morning. 
It was a morning flight, i don't even have time to sleep the night before i fly. *insomnia kills*

If you ask me what i like about Hong Kong, i would say…the view. Especially at night.
 Tall buildings sitting side by side dominate this beautiful city. I'm planning to go to Victoria Harbor at night to enjoy the night view of HK. But it's typhoon out there, raining at night. Ruined my plans.

 My Travel Essentials 

Thank you Wiyo for sending me a pocket wifi in Hong Kong once i touched down.
I don't have to look around to get a local sim card anymore this time!

Now i get to updates my Instagram ANYTIME i want! hehehehe :D

So far, i've visited Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central & The Peak!
But still, i can't find any nice places to shop ( something suitable for me i mean)

Maybe I still NOT FAMILIAR with this placeeeeeeeee

Give me some idea, where should i go? 

Thank youuuuuu :D


  1. which hotel do you stay in hk? and would you recommend ?