Kyo Roll En @Bangkok.

13 September 2014

You know what's the best thing about traveling? 
It's you get to try ALL the food we don't have it in Malaysia. There's less guilty when i eat all the sinful food in overseas because i was keep telling myself that "i am on vacation, it's okay to eat".. 

What an excuses! Hahaha. 

I've been to Bangkok a lot of times. If you ask me what's the best desserts place in Bangkok. I would highly recommend you to go AFTERYOU (center world/siam paragon), Mango Tango, but if you're looking for some special and nice cafe…You can go to Mr.Jones Cafe in Siam Center.. So this time, i'm trying to find something NEW to try! Guess what i found? Yes, KYOTO LIFESTYLE CAFE.

I'm a big fans of GREEN TEA! So it's a MUST-TRY! Their desserts is mainly made of green tea, it's something like Nana's Green Tea in Malaysia. But this one has more choices. At least something different. Experience something NEW.

Basically, their signature dishes is the ROLLS.
We didn't ordered this because we just had our dinner before this. Just wanna try out their ice cream.
Rolls range from B399-B489 with flavors like passion fruit and matcha and come with intriguingly flavored soft serve ice cream (bamboo charcoal and matcha). 
I wish i could try them all, but there's only 3 of us! It's impossible to finish it. 

Here comes our desserts!
Staring at it and wonder does it tastes good? hahaha.
Yes it is! It's not too sweet ( as long as you don't pour the whole things inside)
 I prefer desserts that is not too sweet. This is just good!
Why is all the green tea has to match with red bean?! I don't understand! LOL!

Mango Blossom (159 baht)
The main reason why i ordered this is because of it appearance. It looks nice.
But the taste is….not so good..for me. Too much cream & pudding in the inner layers.
But for photo purpose, it looks really nice! hahaha.

Alright, It's located inside the new mall right opposite Siam Paragon.

For those who are interested to pay a visit. Here's the address.

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