agnès b. Café @Taipei, Taiwan [Review]

6 January 2015

Hello 2015

How time flies, It's another year already, saw everyone went to travel end of the year. Flying here and there to celebrate Christmas & New Year...I'm JEALOUS. Awww, i miss traveling so much. It's time to plan for my next trip after new year! I had a week in Taiwan last month, shopping and of course eat delicious local food. Taiwan is an amazing place full of culture, great food and experiences; a place full of buzz. I will definitely visit it again next time!  

I love having desserts during travel, idk why..hahaha. Probably because "traveling" is like a honeymoon/holiday for my i can eat whatever want (something i don't really eat very often).. That's..DESSERTS! After my vacation, then only go back to "handwork" mode. hahaha. So yea..I'm here to share about one of the cafe i went during my Taiwan trip. If you want dessert that makes you mouth-watering, and also pleasing enough that looks like a piece of art, and a place that you can chill the whole afternoon after shopping in Taipei, you HAVE to go to Agnes B. Cafe!

French designer, agnès b, a familiar fashion brand that we often see in shopping mall or department store. Knowing there was a café/restaurant under this brand, it made me pretty excited to visit it during my trip…and YES! I made it! It's located right inside the Taipei 101 shopping mall. 

There are still many more choices of cakes, pastries and quiches to choose from and they also have a chocolate bar selling Agnès b chocolate.
Trust me, every piece of the cake looks adorable. I wish i could try them all. 

I'd say it was nicely integrated between the store with restaurant, café, pastry counter and designed with Parisian style. Seriously it's a nice place to chill out, especially after shopping in Taipei 101. 

Every Single corner of the cafe is full of agnès b merchandise

 Sandwiches, dessert and hot and cold coffee and tea are sold there. 

B.Barista (NT160)
It's too cute to be eaten, i took for like 762385326 photos before i ate it. Hahaha
Nah, just kidding. I still didn't cut it because it was TOO CUTEEEEE! 
While i was thinking which part to eat bf already cut it into half. How cruel he is!! LOL!
Unexpectedly, their pastries taste really good, not too sweet and it's really delicious! 


A cup of hot drinks during the cold weather. perfecto !

Beef Sandwich NT$180

I don't remember the name of this cake. But it's made of earl grey tea. It tastes really GOOOOD!
Special menu , Earl Grey Tea Cake (NT$220)

Good food with great company :)

Agnes b. Cafe L.P.G.台北101 


Operating Hours:

Sun - Wed 11:00 - 21:30
Thu - Sat 11:00 - 22:00

How to get there: Take the MRT and get off at the Taipei City Hall Station.

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