I will be back

13 April 2015

I miss blogging, i miss home, i miss my bed, i miss everything, especially him
This round, i'm traveling without him. *sob sob* Just my family, their friends and some strange people from the tour. He can't join me this time because he is busy with his studies. 

So yea. It's my third day in China. The previous time i visited China was 7-8 years back. I'm back here again 2015 and i realized that there are so much different. The people and the environment, the expenses are more expensive now  compare to last time*because our ringgit is getting weak* 

Basically, these few days..are just about FLOWERS, FLOWERS and more FLOWERS. hahaha. i can't wait to share with you guys the photo and video i took in my camera. I have so much more to SHARE about this place. Stay tuned.

I will be back soooooon. 

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