HK trip | 伤心酸辣粉 Review

10 April 2015

Yes, i'm finally back from Hong Kong again. Traveling is the best thing i can ever had. Okay, Finally have time to blog about some food hunt i found during this trip. Well, basically.. there's nothing much to explore in HK. Only food, food, food, shopping, shopping and shopping. Nothing much, only a few attractions. You can read my previous review about Hong Kong - HERE ( Place to go in HK)

You know what, The only things i love about Hong Kong is the street scene. I can just walk around without a particular destination or purpose and i enjoy doing it. Hahaha. Every single corner is like what we see in those HK drama. Exactly the same! Too bad we are not lucky enough to meet any movie star. 
My best travel companion aka photographer 

Apart from being walking distance from where I live, it's a great dining hub especially late at night. Streets like Sai Yueng Choi, Tung Choi and Fa Yuen are spilling with cha chaan tengs on the streets, and laden with restaurant after restaurant on the upper levels of buildings. 

I list down a few places to go this time. One of it is the famous 伤心酸辣粉。Yes, this is the one in the HK drama [天眼]. So it's a must try. Their name is kinda cute, wondering why they name it "SAD sour noodle". It's actually just 四川酸辣粉 sichuan noodles.

For those who love SPICY food, try this out! 

Their Menu

The spicy level of the dishes can be requested.

伤心酸辣粉 HKD $27
The signature dish, the sour & spicy noodles

川北凉粉 HKD $25
This is my favorite! Just a bit more sour would be perfecto! hehehe

酸辣有机紫薯粉 HKD $36

Overall, the food is just normal. I rate it 6/10. The noodles is not soft enough. If you're a fans of sichuan noodles, go try the one in Connaught Pasar Malam, Malaysia. It's so much better than this. Hahaha, still think that Malaysian food is the best. Okay, just my point of view. No offense. 

For those who are interested to try it out, here's their address

Open Daily from 1130-0100

Branches and Address : 
  • 深水埗福榮街116號地下 
  • 旺角登打士街43H號登打士廣場1樓 
  • 銅鑼灣金百利廣場5樓R3室 
  • 紅磡黃埔新邨民泰街8-10號地下 
  • 旺角西洋菜街234號地下 
  • 新界荃灣眾安街85號舖地下 
  • 觀塘康寧道40-44A號泰安樓地下42號舖 
  • 新界元朗裕景坊16號祥發大廈地下9號舖
  • 九龍佐敦道40-44A號聯德大廈地下C舖
  • 尖沙咀東部科學館道14號新文華中心1樓121-123舖 


  1. The name of the shop is interesting

  2. 我是被你de主题吸引进来的,也是看天眼才认识的这面…