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22 May 2015

Tiger Beer continues to search for inspiring stories by real people who have dared and overcame their inhibitions in the name of uncaging their passion. Tiger Beer also launches a series of videos showcasing inspiring stories behind some of the local hidden gems of Malaysia, including Merdekarya, 321 Studio and Mutha Puaka.

Tiger beer has been boldly inspiring people everywhere to Uncage the Tiger inside them.

I was one of the blogger who got invited to attend the video shoots and experience what it’s like to be up close and personal with these local talents. It's an honor that i got to witness the behind of the scene video shoot of UNCAGE with Merdekarya.

It is fun watching the crew interviewing Brian Gomez, founders of Merdekarya. I would say he is such an inspiring person after watching the whole interview sessions. This time, through Tiger Uncage film production…we get to see all the local talent and all the inspiring stories.

I'm so inspired by the passion these guys have. Here's a full story of Merdekarya, watch it!!

It's pronounced Mer-day-kar-ya. The place is a little tricky to get. I could't find it during my first visit. It is hidden from plain sight and nestled quietly above a mamak on a nondescript row of shophouses. They also sell independent Malaysian books, music and other cool stuff. Basically, Merdekarya is a platform to freely express themselves..for musicians, singer-songwriters, poets and performance artists alike looking to get their act of the ground and into the circuit. In that place, there is no judgement…only supports. A place where people can chase for their dream.

The environment of Merdekarya is really unique. It's like a hidden gems in town.
If you want to treat yourself to a night of good music by local talents, this is a place that you cannot miss! It is a super chilling place, with affordable drinks and food. A place where you can totally leave everything behind and enjoy yourself in the music, lively. Something you can't get it in anywhere else.

Tiger Beer has been inspiring people the world over to follow their own path.
 Begin your Uncage journey now.

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