Why Women Should Strength Train

20 May 2015

Hey Readers! Yes, i've decided to back to blogging! hehe!

It's half of the year already. I've wasted enough time of doing nothing. It's time to stop being LAZY and NOT productive. This month, i'm going to HIT back the gym! Are you feeling happy for me? Hahaha, i hope you do. Cause i need a lot a lot of positive energy from all of you.

WORK OUT has been a trend lately, in our country. Like Finally! 
I can still remember when i first started to workout, there's not much people in the gym..especially female. So every time when i hit the gym, i'm like the only girl in the gym and people were starting to stare. But LOOK! now, every gym is crowded with people. Honestly, i don't enjoy much of it, still prefer lesser crowd in the gym so i can focus on what i'm doing, maybe i wish i can own a gym. LOL!

Alright, if this is the first time you reading my blog, you never hit the gym before. Here's some reason you should check it out. Basically, i'm just trying to convince some of the girls to start with work-out. heh. Trust me, you won't regret it. STOP WASTING MONEY ON SLIMMING PRODUCTS, there's no shortcuts in life. Just WORK FOR IT! Earn it yourself! 

Okay, Why Women Should Strength Train?

So why do I do it? Why have I dragged myself to gyms for 2 year, forking over thousands of dollars in membership fees? Why do I dedicate hours of my time? What’s the point of it all?

1) I strength train because I feel weak; I'm lack of confident because of my acne skin and I got sick of it. Well, for now..I’m still not as strong as I’d like to be, but I’m getting there.

2) I strength train because it builds my self-confidence and allows me feel good about myself. I know a successful day of working out usually leads to a successful day outside of the gym. Always

3) I strength train because I like knowing that I’ve improved my life in some measurable way. One more push up or five extra pounds on my squat compared to last week means that I’ve become a stronger version of myself. Each day is a day to challenge yourself

4) I strength train because I’m inspired by people who are stronger than me. It’s a challenge to myself every single day to be better than I was yesterday.

5) I strength train because I want to challenge my limits.

Now, Think about it...Why do YOU strength train?

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about it :)

#Don't stop motivating each others 

Next, I'm going to share about more reason of why should women strength train 
Stay tuned :)


  1. Finally u get back to gym. U r still in good shape. Keep working out and ur hard rock abs will appear real soon again..:)

    1. Yes, i'm back!! hehehe.
      Working hard for it now <3