Birthday Dinner @Hemisphere Restaurant, KL

23 June 2015

This is the second year i celebrating his birthday together with him. Yes, another year of love.

I blogged about his birthday last year too, here's the link. We had Japanese food last year, so this year  we planned to go for something different. My boy is a MEAT lover! In facts, He can't live without protein, he wants to hit his protein macro everyday. So i guess western food has the most proteinnnnn. Hahaha, what a thoughtful gf i am. LOL! 

It is really headache to find a nice place for celebration nowadays. Why? Because there's TOO MANY CHOICES out there! Somemore, you know right, social media addict like us NEED to take nice nice photos. So it's "extra" important to find a right place! hahaha. From western food, japanese food, chinese cuisine, thai cuisine to fine dine etc.  Do you still remember the day we only have "The Ship" and "Victoria Station"? Now…there is TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH choices out there! 

So, i found this place -Hemisphere Restaurant. A brand new Sky Bar/Sky Dining in KL. After all, I wasn't really impressed with the restaurant because this place is not as nice as i expected, not really classy. You can still see people wearing swimwear/sportswear walking pass the restaurant while you're eating -.- …because it's right next to the residence's pool. 

The food price is affordable. Especially the beer! Half pint of beer for just RM11, quite cheapppp!
View the full menu here :

This restaurant offers you dining experience with the spectacular views of Kuala Lumpur on the 37th floor of Regalia Sultan Ismail. We reached earlier to catch the sunset, but it was too hazy. 

The night view 

My date, The birthday boy

Here come the foooooood!

Clams Chowder Soup RM19 

Black Augus T-Bone (500gm) RM125.90

This is gooood! I rate this 8/10! But ...why no mashed potato?

Dances Of The Four Seas In Light Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce (RM49.90)
Squid, prawn, mussels, fish, garlic, onions, coriander, lemon, tomato, cream, Thai chili & seafood stock

I'm a little disappointed with this, don't really like the taste of the spaghetti, taste a bit like tomyum but it's creamy. From my opinion, the taste is a bit weird.  

Not to forget to surprise the birthday boy! 

Moist Lava Cake (RM 29.90)
Baked Ecuador dark chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream, cookie crumble & whipped cream

This is amazingly good! I'm not a person who love to eat desserts, but i finished the whole thing! hehe

Asked the waiter to take a photo of us before we leave. LOL!
We took more than 10 photos but none of it is CLEAR, this is the "best shot" we got that night. 

Bad lighting, It's so hard to take a nice photo. 

Food - 7/10
Service - 6/10 
Environment - 5/10

Not too bad, still a nice place to chill and enjoy the view of KL with affordable price. 
Will revisit again in the future for chilling session 


Waze ---> Hemisphere KL / Regalia Sultan Ismail
It's just on top of Regalia Residences. 

Hemisphere KL
Level 37th floor, Madison Block, No. 2, Jalan Anjung Putra,
Off Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Open Daily from 11:00-01:00 ( Mon-Friday)
11:00-02:00 ( Saturday-Sunday)

Reservation : +6016-2736531 /


  1. The lava cake looks amazing!!


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  4. You look great in the white dress and love the short hair! :)

  5. Hi Karen,what a lovely white dress.where did you get it?

  6. What a lovely white dress Karen.where did you get that?