How to get rid of bloated belly

16 June 2015

Dear dear dear readers

I know i've been neglecting my Fitness post. Sorry about that, but i'm trying hard to keep it alive. If you're interested to know more about what i do/eat daily. Feel free to add my snap chat (karenkh0) because for now, that's the most ACTIVE social media apps that i'm using! heheh! Come stalk me if you want! 

Karen Kho is finally back to her routine! Yay! I've been consistently exercising for now! I've lose my usual strength that i used to have after i stopped gym for a while. Now, everything is like starting from zero all over again. I'm trying hard to get my endurance and strength back! This time, I'm going to go further than where i was before! Are you girls with me? :)

As you all know, i'm not aiming to be skinny. I don't like to be skinny. That's not HOT at all.
I aimed to be FIT, strong, healthy and curvy! I'm from 44kg to 49.8kg now in 1 year time! hahaha. My weight is keep gaining in this few months, but my fat percentages is dropping! Meaning that i'm gaining mass, not FAT! heheh. That's probably a good sign for me. 

Therefore, i should work harder to achieve my goal! Yeah! I know i can do it!

Current body progress :

Okay, I know it doesn't look any different compare to the photo i've been posting in IG/Blog.
But trust me, I'm a human too. I do have my down time. I do have my "lazy" and "slacking" time. I do have that OUT OF SHAPE moment! It's just that i didn't show it public. hehe.

Believe it or not, this photo is how my stomach looks like for the past few months in 2015.
 So flabby and bloated, probably the results of not exercise and eat too much desserts! 
I took photo to remind myself that I WILL NOT GO BACK TO THAT BODY! ha!

The bloating is very uncomfortable and it makes me feel lazy all the time. I do believe that we aren’t so excited what it looks either. Anyone experience this before? Hahaha. But, no worries it’s only temporary!

Today, I'm going to share some simple tips can help flatten your stomach :

Decrease Salt

Salt is a necessary and beneficial ingredient of healthy living. But You will retain water(水肿), if you are eating extra salt, and that can cause an imbalance of water and salt in the body and that is same as your ‘not-so-favorite’ five letter word: Bloat. 少盐

Drink MORE Water

When you drink water you releases stored cellular fluid, and this means a flatter tummy! The body is crying out for water, when we are mildly dehydrated, your body needs that water for every single process. Drinking water will quickly restore your flat belly. Take a min of half your body weight in ounces. 记住,喝多水不是导致水肿的原因!缺水才会!

Stop the Fizz

When it comes to belly bloat, carbonation is the perfect cure. These innocent little bubbles decide to take up residence in your intestinal tract and then become trapped, building up gas.  If you are suffering from a bloated belly, you must eliminate all sodas – diet too. 减少汽水

Avoid Sugar

Alright, that's all for today! Hopefully my information helps!
Do drop me a comment if you have any question, i will try my best to help :)

Once again, thank youuuu for reading *xoxo

Karen Kho


  1. Hi, may I ask..from your experienced, will taking protein grow pimples? Or any other product like fat burner?

    1. Yes, Remember to drink a lot a lot of water when u take protein ya :)

  2. Really inspired by your hard work ! When I look back your previous posts (previous years) especially your acne problems and fitness, I was impressed by your progress.Thank you for showing who you really are :) It gave me the motivation to work harder and achieve my goals. I really in low confident but after reading ur post, I have gained some back.

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  4. May i know how to gain weight?

  5. I agreed with you. Taking photo and acknowledging that there is weakness and area to improve is the first step to go in improving fitness! :-)

  6. This post is much helpful for every fatty man or women who want to loss their Belly Fat.