How i feel about social media

23 July 2015

I'm not sure whether i'm the only one who thoughts so. After since i started to play Instagram, i started to neglect about my blog. Blog is where i started with all these social media things. Forget about FRIENDSTER, i don't have it anymore. I had abandoned long ago. Hahaha. As we all seen, there is so many social media around. Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube, Dayre, Instagram and now..Snapchat! It is totally impossible to master every single of it. LOL. 


Because it had become addictive. Especially when you see your likes and followers gaining instantly. Unlike blogpost, you have to prepare photos, thoughts, information, or maybe video to complete a blog post. Instagram is so much easier, lesser efforts, you can just snap a photo and publish. You don't even have to think about what to write for the caption, because it can be a short one..or maybe just a words ( a very artsy word/quotes) with a whole lot of hashtags.That's the reason why i've slowly neglect my blog. Because Instagram is so much easier compare to blog. 


You know what, i realized that a lot of people around me, that really CARE about the photo they take, whether it matches their "Instagram feed" or not (the colors, the filters etc) They even care about the posting TIME, what time can gains the most likes. What photo to post next etc. No doubts, I'M ONE OF THEM. It's kinda weird, Instagram used to be a photo diary has became like a gallery instead. It is no longer a reflection of real life. If your feed is ugly/spoiling people's feed, people may unfollow you. It is like if I don't step up my game, I'm just going to left behind. Why do we have to struggles every time before posting a photo. Just a damn PHOTO! It is so much pressure now to "be yourself" in Instagram nowadays. What a COMPETITIVE life! OMG! I feel so stress now! Hahaha. Okay, let me correct it a bit.. maybe not ALL of the Instagram users are like that, but for those who earn money thru this industry would probably feel the same like i do, yay? 


But despite all, we all didn't realize that everything is just an social media app. Maybe people who sees don't even bother about you. They were like just following you for the sake of beautifying their feeds. If one day, they found out that you posted something they don't like to see in their feed, they might just unfollow you. In facts, nobody really care about what's the real meaning behind that photo or how much efforts you've put just to PUBLISH that ONE photo.  *think about it*

Same goes to blog. I find blogging getting a little commercial too. I know, my blog has been really LAME lately. It is not like MY BLOG anymore, it is full of adverts post nowadays. Sorry that I didn't do anything to improve the situation because it is ONE of the ways i earned my money from. Honestly, it is really hard to find a balance in between. But still, i will try my best to keep my blog alive no matter what. 

I still remember when I first started to blog, it was purely out of interest but now it is more to commercial purposes. I feel lost too. I do lost my interests in blogging once a while, but still i didn't want to give up my blog. I used to blogged all my memories down, it's becoming a part of my life. It's like my "efforts", my journey of life. (Blog is somewhere i express myself) Of course, it's not MY EVERYTHING. Obviously, i won't die without a blog, but blogging life is just something that i really really treasure and enjoy doing it, i appreciate my blog, i appreciate my readers. Not to forget, it is also a place for me to share my thoughts whenever i have no one to talk to, whenever i don't feel like talking to anyone (Although i feel like idiot sometime talking to myself in blog ) hahaha. But still, it is how it is. 

Anyways, i didn't meant anything. This article is to "bla" some of my feeling out, once a while.

No matter what, i will keep blogging (Even when it feels like no one is reading ) 
BUT, If you enjoy reading my crap, feel free to follow my Dayre : karenkho25 

Still, Thank you for reading 


  1. Times can really change a person especially when money involve into the situation. People will easy lost their mind by the seductive power of $$. No joke! But oh well, always think positive and be motivate. :)
    Fighting, Karen :D

    1. Yea,right. You too babe! Let's fight for a better future together <3

  2. We Love you Karen Kho keep it up. You are my inspiration!

  3. I feel the same way as you do. =(

  4. Can't agree more. It's getting harder to be yourself.
    Anyway good to know that you will keep blogging, I love reading your blog!