6 July 2015

 So today, i'm gonna share with you guys some recipe of cooking instant noodles.
Instead of going out to "dabao" food, why not make it yourself at home? Well, I guess more than 90% of the people are familiar with instant noodles. Instant noodles are very easy to be presented. Everyone can do it themselves and enjoy it comfortably at home. When it comes to instant noodles, the first brand that came to my mind is always MAGGI®  It is one of the signature brand in Malaysia. The original MAGGI® Curry is one of my favorite flavours during my childhood time. I'm a big fans of spicy fooooood, so it's really exciting when i saw the MAGGI®'s latest flavours  : 

MAGGI® Royale Penang Seafood Curry 
MAGGI® Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef. 
Both are in spicy category! 

I love to DIY my instant noodles in my own ways. So, Here's some DIY way to get your noodles fix while also upgrading it to be more delicious and packed with fresh ingredients. Maggi always encourages consumers to add fresh ingredients. I love too add veggie to my instant noodles a lot! So i had these mouth watering ingredients. I have fiber and protein.

  • Veggie ( at your own choices )
  • Eggs
  • Water 
  • MAGGI® Royale Penang Seafood Curry/ MAGGI® Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef

The Penang Seafood Curry tastes real GOOD! Especially the soup based. It's rich in creamy seafood broth and the belacan is freshly toasted. Yes, real roasted belacan. Just the aroma of that is enough to get your saliva flowing! Trust me, MAGGI® Royale Penang Seafood Curry has a real kick to it, especially when you put lesser water, the flavours will be stronger and tastier. Try it! 

Fans of Korea Ramen gonna love this!

It is spicier compare to the Penang Seafood Curry flavour, but if you love to eat spicy food. You can always add in some chili-padi to increase the spiciness level. The noodles is springy and the soup is rich in braised beef flavour. 

AND Yes, it is insanely easy and quick to prepare!

Go get one from the nearest store and create a #Royaleoftheday for yourself! 

 E N J O Y !

Visit #MaggiRoyale's website for more information 

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