12 July 2015

Okay, finally got time for THIS!

Sorry for the delay, suppose to upload my China Travel VLOG first before my Singapore VLOG. But i ended up uploading the Singapore's one first because it's easier to edit. This China VLOG has used up a lot of my time to do the editing..especially the background music. I've no idea what music to insert, so i just randomly put one because i've been dragging this for ages. Hahaha. There you go...

Traveling is the best thing i can ever had. I used to spent a lot of my money on materials stuff (branded bags) Now i realized how silly am i last time, for aiming a "Branded Bags" as a goal to achieve. LOL! You know what…for now... i don't use it that often anymore, sometimes i don't even look at it. YEA, i think i've lost interests with all these. I'M INTO TRAVEL NOW! I rather spent all my money on traveling for now ! BECAUSE, I want to explore the world! Okay, can't wait for my next trip!

How time flies, it's July already. 

End of this month, i will be going to China again!

Guess which part of China i will be going to? 




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