13 August 2015

A U G U S T 

Finally have time to update my blog since i've got more time on my hands tonight. How time flies. This year, i'm taking up some "new stuff" like finally. Yes, FINALLY! After consideration and research around for so long. If you followed my dayre/snapchat, you should probably know that i'm currently taking up a courses. Well, It feels good to learn something NEW especially something i'm passionate with. No worries, I will share it in my blog soon. Stay tuned. 

For now, i can't function my brain anymore. Because i've just completed a few blog drafts at once. ( work stuff) Sorry, I wish i can have more time to update about my own stuff in my blog. Especially my previous Travel Vlog. Grrrrr, i don't even have time to transfer it to my laptop yet. Hmm, i will do it whenever i'm free alright. 

Just to update some simple outfit inspiration of mine 

Denim x Denim

Hooded denim jacket from Ellysage \\ bottom from Zara \\ top from Cotton On \\ 
Shoes from Nike \\ Sunglasses from Sunnies 

 Photo credit to my all time photographer - @Wyman Ho

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