9 August 2015

After a week of traveling in China, i'm finally back to Malaysia! I've so much to update but i don't have time. Grrr, don't even have time to transfer my photo to my laptop. Plus, i have new travel video to edit! SO MUCH WORK, SO LITTLE TIME! But, The first things i do once i'm back in town is to fix my hair. Yay, i went to change my hair color again after the previous color faded away.
This time, it's a mixture of blue with purple. What colors did you see? 

 I also did the Signature Ultrasonic Hair Treatment to keep my hair healthy. 
*That's the reason why i can dye my hair that often* 

 I can't describe how much i love this new hair colors. I'm totally in love with it! 
Thank you Steve Koh for making this happen! He's amazing,never failed to surprise me. hehe

For those who are interested to try out 76 saloon for the first time, feel free to mention my name to get 30% off. It's available in any of their outlets and only for AUGUST! Call for appointment now

Don't miss it :)

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