13 October 2015

 One of my life goals is to inspire people around me.

Believe it or not, I used to be a very low esteem girl mainly because of my acne prone skin. If you read my blog, you should probably know that. Due to my acne prone skin, I lost all my confidence and have been filled with negativity all the time. Trust me, it is one of the most painful moment in my life. I struggle from time to time. I cried myself to sleep,  I felt as if that was the end of the world.   Most of the time, I feel like a freak to people around me, i don't dare to look at people, i feel insecure, i feel uncomfortable when people stare at my face. I suffered a lot because of my acne which affected me mentally and physically. It was really torturing. You can read more of my acne story HERE if you haven't. 

You know what, there is a time that i hide myself from everything, and I refuse to go anywhere that I assume I will be getting stares.  Until there is someone who encourages me to start hitting the gym. At first, it was kinda odd because i'm not an active person. But as time goes by, i started to accept it and slowly fell in love with FITNESS. It was a life changing journey and that's the best decision i've made in my life. Working out helps my depression a lot. If you know me, the main reason why I started to workout is because of my skin problem. Now you know why i constantly hitting the gym? I got so frustrated with my skin condition so I decided to work hard on something else – my body. I’ve worked really hard to gain my confidence back day by day working out and i enjoy doing it. 

After you’ve pushed through those walls, you’re all set. You’re on your way And magically, your confidence will have grown the next time you want to do something you never thought you could do.         I changed a lot after since i started to work out. I've learned to pick myself up no matter how bad is the situation. I never thought that i can overcome it, until i did. I'm glad i did after all.

I'm sure most of you all have that time when everything falls apart, miserable and difficulty. Obstacles is everywhere. But there's always rainbow after the storm. Instead of focusing on the negativity, why not think positively and find a way to solve it? Challenges is there to test us and make us a better person.

Of course, I wasn’t strong and fit at all when I first started. I get tired REALLY easily, and I could only do half of what a beginner could have done. Every time after 1 set of exercise, I could feel my heart pumping so hard and I was gasping for air. But for the first time in a very long while – I felt good. I was really, really tired, but I knew I couldn’t give up. I pushed myself by increasing the frequency of visiting the gym in a week, and as soon as I think I can do more, I never wait. I will add on to the intensity of the exercise to the next level. Slowly but steady, I gained my strength and now, I am so much better than when I first started gym.

 Of course, as much as I know that I cannot give up, there are times when I thought I couldn’t continue any more. But every time when the thought appear, I follow the following philosophies to keep me motivated

1#      LEARN.

Just learn more. Learning is the first step to progress and growth. Just like when I first started my fitness journey, I try to learn more about myself so that I can help myself in planning out the best workout and exercise routine that I can and able to follow. For example, during my days when my endurance level is close to zero, I would take more intervals to help my body to recover before I break the next limit. This is extremely important because while you want to gain your hot body, you shouldn’t be hurting it in the first place. So get out there and learn more about your body, learn more about your world, learn more about what inspires you, learn more about your dreams. Inspire yourself everyday!

2#       LOVE.

Above all else, we need to love. When I had my acne problem that tarnishes all my confidence, I didn’t love myself a bit. I didn’t like the way I look, I didn’t like my negativity, I didn’t love being myself. It almost destroyed the last bit of hope that I can be someone who can stand out proudly as me. Luckily and lucky me, my lucky star introduced me to fitness and slowly, I started picking myself up again, and I began to ‘re-love’ myself.  That is my piece of advise - love who we are, where we're going and what we want to be. Every day it teaches us and helps us to grow. Love your life everyday and it will love you back.

I am really grateful that now I have outgrown my complexity and inferiority and I am able to stand out proud and feel good about myself. I am stronger, confident and happy with my current self – after all the ordeal that I’ve been through. I am now so passionated in fitness that I’ve even enrolled in a course to become a certified professional personal trainer!  

Always remember; what can you do TODAY can to bring you closer to your goal.

So, what's your goal? 

If you don't have one, find one. Just get yourself started even for a tiny reason. Then you can slowly sharpen up yourself and you will GROW stronger and better along the journey! You will feel amaze! Work hard! Sweat hard! and Be Consistent!! Do something challenging each day!

To know how strong you are, you need to keep pushing to your limit.

Alright, now your turn to share your story with me :)

Just like how I have managed to change my game from a very pessimistic person due to my acne problem to a confident person that I am now, P1 has also changed their game to better serve their customers.

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