Grayns Rice Cooker

21 October 2015

Many people know the important of health but not everyone is willing to change their lifestyles, especially their eating preferences. Actually, it’s not impossible to have delicious and healthy food at the same time. 

As we all know, Health  is  the  most  important asset of our life because  in  some  cases  no  matter  how  rich  you  are,  you  can't  buy life….Many people neglect about perfect health because they are preoccupied with other things they think are  more important. In facts, without health...we would not enjoy wealth at all. That's the reason why I always take care about my health, especially my eating habits!

Everything start from EATING HEALTHY 

Do any of you know that,SUGAR is a greater enemy to the body than salt. Too much of Sugar is unhealthy for our body. That's the reason why, i always avoid myself from eating too much of Sugar. On top of that, i also avoid sugar to maintain my waistline. haha. I know right..From sweets and breads to white rice, it's difficult to find products that doesn't contain sugar. Some more for typical chinese like me.. it's really hard to stop myself from eating WHITE RICE! Especially when i'm having chinese cuisine, HOW CAN I NOT EAT WHITE RICE?! Asian cultures have been eating it for thousands of years.

BUT, Do you know that, One bowl of rice contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. So if you eat 3 meals, that makes 30 teaspoons of sugar. Because rice is tasteless, we think nothing of consuming huge portions of rice and don’t feel sinful about it. Do this everyday, every week, and yo
u will see why we put on weight so easily.

Trust me, When you cut out sugar, you will open yourself to a whole new world. Firstly, your waist line becomes a lot leaner. Secondly, it is amazing how much energy levels you have. You're more alert and bright-eyed. No kidding! 

If like most people, you want to continue enjoying rice without putting on weight and suffering from the health implications, the solution is now here.

The Grayns rice cooker

The first and only Rice Cooker in the world that automatically removes the excess, unhealthy sugar content from the rice when it is cooked.

How the Grayns Rice Cooker works?

The technology to isolate sugar or RDS is attributed to its four-stage cooking process.

The Grayns Healthy Rice Cooker is a joint development between US and Malaysia. It is the first and only rice cooker in the world that is able to remove sugar from rice. Rice contains amylose and amylopectin. It is the amylopectin which contains sugar and causes the rapid rise of blood sugar levels. What Grayns can do is dissolve the amylopectin so users get healthy rice that doesn’t come with the sugar. The Grayns Healthy Rice Cooker employs a different way in cooking rice. It is the way rice is cooked that determines the quality of your rice. Water is kept high and at a certain temperature to ensure all amylopectin is dissolved in water.

How to USE Grayns Rice Cooker?

I will be sharing the step on my next blog post, stay tuned :)

All thanks to technology, we all can enjoy rice with less guilt now!

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