HERMO [Her Best Gift]

21 December 2015

This season of giving is the best time to spread love and friendship. As the year comes to an end, we realise that it has been a fruitful year filled with ups and downs. Who has been through thick and thin with you all these while? Your best friend, of course! Be it a friend, sister or cousin, your bestie deserves to be rewarded with the best this Christmas. Just as each friend is special to you, your gift should be just as unique. ‘Her Best Gift’ is an initiative by Hermo to help you get the perfect gift for your BFF! It’s an interactive personalised gift guide to choose the most suitable gift according to your Best Friend’s personality.

This year, i'm giving my BFF something from HERMO
 Something that suits her personality, hopefully she will like it :)

No ideal gift for your BFF this Christmas? Then check this out...

Hermo has listed 6 types of BFF, each unique and memorable in their own way. A list of specially-curated items have been carefully chosen to suit each BFF’s personality – ranging from skincare to cosmetics to hair & body care. The 6 types of BFF are:

The Nerd

 The Gossip Girl   

The Foodie   

The Motherly Figure   

The Wild One   

The Princess   

Wanna know what's the best gift that suits your BFF perfectly? 
You can find more about each personality, check out the guide here- www.hermo.my/herbestgift

Join the fun now and get yourself the RM5 voucher!

Visit Hermo website at – www.hermo.my now! 

Hurry up, Hermo Christmas Sale 2015 which will be ongoing till 29th December 2015

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