BENIFUUKI Green Tea Soap [Review]

17 December 2015

Most people actively try to minimize the amount of toxins that enter their body. They eat good food, they drink purified water, they breathe purified air, and some even take added measures to detoxify their body. However, what many people don’t realize is that toxins can be absorbed through their skin.

No time is this more important than when deciding what kind of products to use. Many people have sensitive skin that doesn’t respond well to chemically products. Just like me, i used to have acne skin. That's the reason why, my skin is very sensitive and dry. For people who are facing the same problem like me...By using natural ingredients made products, you might be able to avoid, or at least reduce, the skin problems that are caused by irritating chemical ingredients. Especially for our face. It is even more important to use something natural on our skin. 

Today, I'm gonna share with you guys BENIFUUKI. 

 “Benifuuki”, the green tea soap, is packed full of the healthy power of green tea. This is for both women and men who have skin problems or who want to have a healthier and softer skin like me. 

“Benifuuki” helps to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.  “Benifuuki” is made from “tea-leaf”, “tea seed oil”, and “tea flower”, and it is the natural soap which is no harm to our skin. Besides that, The tea leaves used in all our products are organic too.  



This soap has a faint sweet smell to it. which is its original smell. The transparent golden color the same as the natural color of Benifuki (Camellia) tea, is the original color of the tea extract. This eco-friendly soap contains no colorants, scents, or mineral oils. and has no added synthetic surfactants or preservatives. Anybody can use this soap at ease.

They focus on producing fine-textured foam for the skin. Fluffy and creamy foam fits your skin gently and removes embedded impurities firmly. Leaving the skin hydrated after cleansing

Yes, it is a HANDMADE UNMILLED SOAP.  They follow the traditional method of manufacturing by hand adding plant-based moisturizing ingredients to the cleansing ingredients. Therefore, i don't have a problem applying on my super sensitive skin. 

 Just massage it throughly on your face and rinse it with water. Simple as that!
My skin feels so much refreshing after wash! 

Of course, What’s most important is that you find a product that works for you.

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