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15 December 2015

“Beauty is all around us and can be beautiful moments or acts of beauty. Sometimes it’s up to us to make it happen”

Make beautiful happen with Panasonic Beauty

It has been a while since my last event with Panasonic Beauty, the previous time was probably two to three years back. Panasonic Beauty encompasses a wide range of beauty products, specially designed for the active and busy Asian women on the go. The wide range of Panasonic’s beauty and grooming products are designed and developed with its intended users in mind to provide complete user satisfaction. The key product categories are: Hair Care (Hair Dryer, Hair Styler, Scalp Massager), Facial Care (Facial Ionic Steamer, Facial-Hair Ionizer, Pore Cleanser, Facial Cool Putter, Facial Roller, Eye Warming Massager), Body Care (Epilator), Mobile Care (Eyelash Curler, Body Shaver, Nail Care) and Oral Care (Sonic Vibration Toothbrush, Oral Irrigator).  

Today, Panasonic beauty is introducing their new range of Hair Stylers once again. Just like before, Panasonic Beauty never stops to improve their products and working towards a better life for all the ladies. 

I'm always a big fans of Panasonic Beauty hair products. It was really exciting to see the new range of Hair Stylers in such a colorful and compact design. 

These 3 new Hair Stylers are designed to compliment the bust lifestyles of the young and on-to-go ladies. It is so nicely designed, with three different colors and surprisingly light and convenience to bring around. 

Mr. Yoshi, the well-known style director from Number 76 Saloon also share with us some knowledge and tips on how to look good with curl hair by using the Multi- Styling Hair Styler EH-HV51

The 3 new Hair Stylers that were launched are: 

1.  Multi-Styling Hair Styler, EH-HV51 This Hair Styler has additional 5 attachments that can create a total of 6 different hair styles. With its new technology, the even heat distribution plate, heat is evenly distributed thus enabling hair to be styled more quickly and evenly and can be ready to use in just 15 seconds.   

2.  Straight & Curl Hair Styler, EH-HV20 This 2-way Hair Styler also has the even heat distribution plate and can be ready to use in 15 seconds (similar with EH-HV51). With 105mm extra-long plate, this Hair Styler offers speedy straightening and easy curling.  

3.  Compact Straight & Curl Hair Styler, EH-HV10 Measuring just 23.5cm, this Hair Styler is so compact that it can be stored in a bag. Providing beauty solutions anytime and anywhere, this Hair Styler is ready to use in 40 seconds.  All three models above have color-care photo ceramic plate for color-fade prevention, keeping hair moist and prevent color loss

We also get to try on their latest hair curlers. I personally like the EH-HV10 because it is so compact and portable, i can bring around and style my hair anytime, anywhere i want :)

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