22 February 2016

Where the dreams come true and magic is made. 
This is my second time visiting Japan and Tokyo Disneyland. The last time i visit Tokyo Disneyland was 5 years ago, the memories are priceless and unforgettable! No doubt, it is still my favorite Disneyland after all! I prefer Tokyo Disneyland because it’s so spacious, clean and organized, everyone dressed up with Disney theme (super cute), the Cinderella castle is so beautiful, the whole environment is so nice, and all your favorite rides are just a magical land away. Therefore, it is a MUST visit places in TOKYO, JAPAN! 


Tokyo Disneyland is a five minute walk from JR Maihama Station. It can also be reached in a few steps from the Tokyo Disneyland Station along the Disney Resort Monorail.

From Narita Airport To Disneyland Japan  : If you decide to come straight from Narita airport – there is a Limo Bus that runs frequently, and will take you straight to the Disney Resort. Tickets for the Limo bus can be bought at the counter which is right after you pick your luggage. The buses drive straight to Disneyland and take about 60 minutes to get there Take the bus, which runs about 6 times per day, from Narita terminal 1, stop #7.

From Tokyo City to Disneyland Japan : Commuting to Disney Resort is easy. You’ll find a train at Tokyo Station. The line that goes to Disney resort is the JR Keiyo Line elevated train. Maihama is the stop that serves Disneyland Resort. From JR Tokyo Station, you can take pretty much any Keiyo Line since they all stop at Maihama Station. If you take a ‘Local’ train, Maihama will be the sixth stop, if you take a ‘Rapid’ train, it will be the third stop.  Remember to buy a Suica card ( It's like our touch and go card ) from the ticket vending machines before entering the train. 

Ps : Don't think about getting a taxi in Japan, because it is not worthy. (expensive)
From Narita Airport to Disneyland is around RM600-700++. So, It is better to go buy bus/train. Cheaper and easier. 

Tokyo Disney has a monorail system that makes four stops - one for each of the parks, one for the Japan Rail station in between them, and one station for the cluster of six non-Disney hotels

Here's a photo inside the DUFFY monorails

So fluffy and cute! So lucky we get to catch this Duffy monorails! 

For the Tokyo Disney Monorails, one-way ride costs 250 yen, while a daily pass costs 650 yen and a two-day pass is 800 yen. Buy your tickets at the automated machines at each station. They're signed in both English and Japanese.

NOW, welcome to the TOKYO DISNEYLAND
Let's go

Ticket Types and Prices  

You can buy a one-day, one-park ticket, or a two-day passport that allows entry to one park per day. (If you buy a multi-day passport, you'll be asked to say which park you will visit on each day.

The park ticket will be repriced on April 1st 

For more information about the ticket price, visit their site at : http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/ticket/

How to purchase tickets  

Tickets may be purchased on the day of the visit at the ticket booths in front of both parks from up to one hour before the opening time and until one hour before closing time. Staying guests of the Disney Hotels and Official Hotels may also purchase tickets at their hotels or at the welcome center in front of JR Maihama Station, while staying guests of the Partner Hotels can purchase tickets at their hotels.  

Tickets may also be purchased in advance at designated ticket booths at the resort, through the resort's official website and at Disney Stores. Furthermore, tickets can be purchased at Japanese travel agencies, JR ticket counters and convenience stores, however, if purchasing from these vendors, you will be given a voucher that must be exchanged at a park ticket booth for the actual ticket

Remember him? 

Tokyo Disneyland is divided into six themed areas: AdventureLand, WesternLand, Critter Country, FantasyLand, TomorrowLand and Toontown. Toontown and Critter Country are perfect for little ones, from 3 years to 7 year olds, while the rest will fit the older kids (and adults)


Inside the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. Definitely one of my favorite places in Tokyo Disneyland.This elaborately-themed counter-service restaurant feels like the interior of an Alice in Wonderland ride.
It is too cute, how to resist? 

LITTLE GREEN DUMPLING -This is highly recommended! ( 500¥ )
Whatever you want to call them, they’ve been on my Disney “must try” bucket list since I first laid eyes on them. They’re quite possibly the cutest edible thing I’ve ever had.  Little Green Dumplings can be found at both Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland.

From the top they all look the same, but if you flip them over you can see which flavors they are: Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla. They are super delicious and fun to eat! I love the Strawberry one!


It is a MUST because in Tokyo Disneyland, most of the Japanese had one. So pick your favorite Disney Characters and wear them on! :P

It is available everywhere. Don't have to compare the prices, it is the same everywhere. 

In the afternoon, Everyone is sitting shoulder to shoulder with people who appreciated Disney like I did! Yay! We are all waiting for the Disney parade. " Happiness is Here" 

we also manage to catch the newly "Frozen Fantasy" parade. Look! It's OLAF! 


It is FOC, The fastpass system helps to reduce the time spent waiting in line for rides. A fastpass allows you to skip the line for a specific ride during an assigned one-hour time slot by using a priority lane. Any visitor can get a fastpass for free by inserting one's park passport into a fastpass machine in front of the desired attraction. The fastpass will display the time slot during which it can be used.

Get your first fastpass early Go for popular rides first (fastpasses for popular rides get booked out quickly on busy days)

I spent my whole day eating, shopping, playing, and taking memorable photos in Tokyo Disneyland. It was too much FUN, couldn't express how much happiness i had each time i visited Disneyland. I will definitely visit Tokyo Disneyland again!

To be continued…...


For more information about Tokyo Disneyland, visit their official website at - https://reserve.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/top/

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