7 March 2016


Spent my last day in Japan in Tokyo Disneysea. I've missed Tokyo DisneySea 5 years back. So this round, i finally made it to Tokyo Disneysea! You know what, DISNEYSEA is only available in JAPAN. That's the reason why it's more special. Especially if you've already been to Disneyland, you should go to Disney sea. But if you haven't, visit BOTH if you had time! Each park had its own specialty. Disneysea is totally something different with Disneyland. 

Park Ticket Price List (includes sales tax) : 
Adults (6.900 yen), Junior (6.000 yen), Child (4.500 yen) 

Prices for the Park Tickets will change from April 1st 2016.

 Hour : 08.00am / 08.30am - 10.00pm  

Besides the exciting rides, there is so much more to see and do! 

Don't forget to get a map before you enter

DisneySea is NOT a water theme park if that’s what you’re thinking.

The reason it’s called Disney Sea is because the park consists of six major sea-related themes: 1) The Mediterranean Harbor, 2) The American Waterfront, 3) Mermaid Lagoon, 4) The Arabian Coast, 5) The Lost River Delta, 6) Port Discovery, and 7) Mysterious Island

Upon entering DisneySea, you will find yourself at the Mediterranean Harbor and there are LOADS of shops here for you to explore. As we didn’t want to spend too much on shopping, we decided to explore and try on the first ride - ( Venetian Gondolas )It is captained by two charismatic gondoliers from the Palazzo Canals to the lagoon in Mediterranean Harbor and back. The scenery and the romanticism of gondolas is the big draw, but the gondoliers can be a highlight, too. They sing, and some will even interact with the boat in English if you make an effort to engage them. This attraction is most fun at or shortly after sunset, but lines are shortest first thing in the morning. 

Look at the scenery, so beautiful 
I really enjoyed walking around Disneysea and looking around at all the buildings

Gorgeous and stunning views from EVERY angle!

This is one of attraction in Port Discovery area known as Aquatopia

The American Waterfront is designed after the 20th Century New England, New York, and Cape Cod harbour towns. It evokes the feeling of those places and that era effectively, I should say. It’s like getting thrown back in time being here

Mermaid lagoon is definitely one of my favorite!!

I don't mind spending my whole day inside Disneysea.

You can find Disney themed foods everywhere. 

Look at those Mickey Shaped Ice Cream! Eat everything in sight, of course.
It comes with different favors. ( 300¥ each)

The most interesting food we found at the parks was the popcorn. No matter what part of either park you went to, there was sure to be a popcorn stand in sight.  So i guess it's a MUST to get one for ourselves too! 

But obviously ONE is never enough! Hahaha
It is the flavoured popcorn – something which Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea is famous for. From odd flavours like black pepper, chocolate milk and curry popcorn, to more traditional delights such as salted, caramel and honey popcorn, you’ll be intrigued by the interesting flavours. 

The milk chocolate popcorn is the BEST! 

You can buy these popcorns in beautifully-designed Disney buckets like what we carried along. (2100 ¥ each) Almost all the kids are carrying these Disney buckets and eating popcorns as they walk around. You can top it up anywhere in the park. For the top-up, it is around 520¥ 
More and more disney candies case...

Shopping in Tokyo Disneysea is so much fun too. While some of the merchandises are identical to those in other Disney theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland does offer its unique and impressive selections of Disney products. 

In Disneysea, you'll see people carrying DUFFY everywhere. It is only available in Disneysea.

Every one carries at least one of these bears! The boy’s called Duffy, and the girl’s ShellieMay.
You can get them at Aunt Peg’s Village Store, it is where you can find Duffy and ShellieMay plushies in various costumes and merchandise. Do note that many of them are pretty exclusive to Tokyo DisneySea.
It is too cute to resists, so I got myself a Duffy Bag.
Don't think, just BUY! hahaha.
Another Duffy Candy i got from Disneysea. 

We had our lunch at one of the Japanese restaurant in Disneysea. It is located in the American Waterfront area of Tokyo Disneysea. The area has the most beautiful New York scenery. 
If you are planning to go to Disneysea and wanting to have an authentic Japanese cuisine experience, then Restaurant Sakura is the right choice for you

 Expect a view of New York harbor seen from behind the tall windows in the restaurant. Best time to visit is after sunset, when the lights are up, and volcano starts to erupt. Epic scenery!

The food is good too! 

As i've mentioned earlier in my Tokyo Disneyland's post. Don't forget to ...


Spend less time in line for attractions, you can use Disney FastPass. Just look for the Disney FastPass ticketing machines near the attraction entrance and follow these simple steps:

 - Place your park ticket into the ticketing machine 
- Get your FastPass ticket and come back at the return time 

There are 8 rides that offer FastPass; Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania, StormRider, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, Raging Spirits, The Magic Lamp Theater, Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea

We didn't get to try all of the rides because the park is really HUGE. But one of the most memorable one i've tried would be Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror -A free-fall thrill ride with an elaborate lead-in and excellent story. 

Here’s to capping off our last full day in Japan! Overall, it was a lovely experience! 

 I highly recommend to visit either of the 2 theme parks or if you have enough time, go for both! Seriously, ONE day is never enough! 

I will definitely be back for more amazing experiences


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