Pedigree 30 days challenge

26 May 2016

It is important to start training your puppy as soon as you bring it home. When we bring a dog or puppy into our homes and our lives. We not only need to teach them how to fit in but also teach ourselves about their needs so that we can learn to accommodate them and adjust our expectations to make the best possible situation for both.

It is two weeks after my 30 Days Challenge with Abby.
I don't get to see her very often due to my tight schedule, but no matter how busy am i, i will still squeeze time for her. Especially every morning before i headed out to work and after my work. It is her PLAY time. Playtime is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. Whenever i can, i will just try to do the Pedigree 30 days challenge with her. This round, i'm teaching her "fishing" and "high five”. 

Everytime when i got home, Abby wiggle and bark to get my attention so that she can have her playtime with me. Her favorites games is chase. She like to chase game after me and sometime she will chase after her toy. Most dogs love to be chased and play keep-away. You know what, Play time can be a training too ! I always teach abby to come, sit and high five.
I realized that, the relationship with Abby is getting closer than before during the challenge, I'm constantly engaging Abby's attention. One of the best ways to build a healthier relationship with your dog is to understand how your dog learns and use the principles of positive training to make learning as rewarding, successful and easy as possible.

Pedigree DentaStix contains 2 active ingredients – sodium tripolyphosphate and zinc sulphate that eases plague removal. Which is very beneficial to Abby. 

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