What to do in Paris for 48 hours

25 May 2016

This is totally an unplanned trip. 

I've shared this whole story with most of my friends but still i want to blog about it. Please allow me to do so! I really have to share the whole story because I've been so blessed that I could never say. As you all know, I was in Geneva earlier because of the sponsored trip to Club Med. I'm actually super excited already because i’m able to travel with some of the digital influencers that i’ve been following for years.  I've no idea why i got selected because i really think that i'm not good enough compare to most of them. But still, thank you for the opportunities. I'm blessed, i'm truly blessed.

It is actually a 7 days 5 nights trip. I feel stupid for not extending my trip initially, i should have just extend my trip since i’ve already in Europe. Some more, it was a really great opportunity for me to finally fulfill my dream Paris! But, i didn't  extend my trip at the end because i'm not familiar with the places and i don’t want to waste money just to travel a few days without preparation. Some more, i thought i can have time to just visit Eiffel tower for a while and grab a photo during my 8 hours transit in Paris airport before flying to Geneva. So i've decided to give it a pass. 

BUT, during the transit..i didn't get to go out to the city. I didn't get to see my Eiffel tower at last. I feel a bit disappointed because i flew all the ways from Malaysia. During the Club Med Trip, i was checking my return flights with my bf..trying to extend our trip for at least 2-3 days in Paris but it was too expensive. So i was thinking maybe i shouldn't waste money for a short trip, maybe i should arrange another trip in the future if there is a chance. 

So, This is what happened…… After the Club Med trip ends. When i was picking up myself ready to fly home and face the reality..MY FLIGHT GOT CANCELLED from GENEVA to PARIS! It was due to technical problem, so the Airline have to pay for one night in Geneva and also the flight back to Malaysia at our choice. The best part is, i can get to extend my trip to Paris without paying any extra money! It is like the best things happened in my life! So so so so happy! Can you feel my happiness? 

It is like all the good thing happens at once.  Can't be any luckier than this! 

Okay, i can get in to the topic now. I've spent 48 hours in Paris. All I know is that I didn’t have enough time there. It is truly an incredible city. A place where i dreamt of to go for years. I'm so glad my dream came true at such a situation. We only stayed in Paris for a night. Here's some of the places we went 

My first stop in Paris. Okay, Don't judge me, but i almost cried when i meet this baby. My dream came true after so many yearssss!! You can go up to the tower if you want, but I decided not to go up the tower because the queue was so long and I had so much I wanted to see. 

I almost cried with happiness when i first saw this.
It is quite hard to snap a photo there because there is a lot a lot a lot of tourists. Be ready to spent for more than 1 hour taking photo. I'll suggest you take it from far so you can see the whole eiffel tower. 


You can take Uber, from the CDG Airport to Eiffel Tower is around 45. If you are traveling with 2-3 people, just take the Uber. It is so much easier. For us, we took the Metro from our hotel which is located at La Marias ( Station Saint-Sébastien – Froissart ). We didn't really do the research before this but luckily the staff who worked in the metro is quite helpful. He helped us to purchase the ticket. 

Eiffel tower is located at the Station École Militaire. 
My first sight of the Eiffel Tower. I will never forget this moment.

#2 Arc De Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. I'm sure this architecture is very familiar to most of us. I've seen this many times in the movie and finally i'm here! It is just walking distance from Eiffel Tower to Arc De Triomphe. The admission to go up into the Arc is €8. It is around 2km from Eiffel Tower. Trust me, just walk there so that you can enjoy the street of Paris. There is also a shopping street around there ( Champs Elysées) . You can use google map for direction 

#3 Musee du Louvre
Entrance to the Louvre is €9. I didn't get to enter the museum because it was closed when i was there. Open everyday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m (except Tuesday). Open until 9.45 p.m on wednesday and friday. I've missed the Mona Lisa masterpieces. N, now i can have a reason to come back again next time. 

4# Pont de Arts
Another walking distance from my previous attraction. I've no idea how to get there. It just happened to be in front of me when me and my bf are strolling around Paris. Getting lost is often the best way to get a feel for a city! I didn't even know this is where the love lock bridge used to be, because it looks quite familiar for me. Hahaha. Okay, i should do more homework for my next trip!


We booked our hotel at the very very last minute at BOOKING.COM, so there is actually some last minute deal which is really worthy! It is like 60% off on that day. This is the hotel that we are staying. Basically it is a shoplot. Not really a hotel. 

The price is quite affordable, only RM350 per night. But the room is super super small, i can’t even open my luggage on the floor and the lift in the hotel can only fit one person and one big luggage. Epic! Hahaha. What do you expect when you pay only €70 per night. It is okay if you’re using the room to only sleep. The receptionist is friendly and helpful. Well, I guess it is really hard to find a hotel room that is less than RM500 in Paris because most of it are quite expensive. I don’t have to survey all of them because i booked this a night before. The reason why i choose LA MARIAS area because my friend from France recommended this place. She said that there is a lot of fashion boutique, restaurants and cafe around. It is around 7-8km from the hotel to Eiffel Tower. If you take Uber, it is around 8-9 euro. The location is quite okay, walking distance to the Metro (Station : Saint-Sébastien – Froissart ) 

We booked our room here, you can check the rate at Booking.com


#5 Galeries La Fayette Paris

It is impossible to skip shopping in Paris. Galeries Lafayette is the mother of all stores in Paris. This giant department store deserves at least a few hours of your time. It is basically a shopping streets with a lot of malls around. Not only the luxury brands, but there is also a lot of fashion brands like H&M, ZARA etc.  The stunning interior alone is reason to come here, and they also have a rooftop terrace where you can grab coffee and enjoy the view. Don't forget to visit lafayette gourmet for some food and wines shopping
Paris shopping trips get a whole lot cheaper when you take advantage of the VAT refund.

Tax refund in Galeries La Fayette is different from the others shop around Paris. Once you have made purchases over  €175, make your way to the Tax Refund Desk on Level -1 in the main store (Coupole) with your original till receipts and passport. You have to get the tax refund form form the counter first, not at the airport! AND, you can only get it on the day of your purchase, remember to claim your tax refund on the day of your purchase. (Only in Galeries La Fayette). For other shops in Paris, you can just request for the Tax Refund document right at the shop on your purchase and get the tax refund at the airport. For more infomartion of the tax refund in La Fayette - http://haussmann.galerieslafayette.com/en/tax-refunds/

Okay, I'm really stupid for making such a mistakes. I didn't know that earlier when i was shopping in La Fayette and during my purchase...the cashier from the shop didn't inform me to collect another tax refund form at the Tax Refund Desk in La Fayette. That's how my 500 is gone. *heart bleeding*

So! Don't make the same mistakes as i did !!!


Public transportation and your own two feet are the best way to get around. I took Uber from my Hotel to Lafayette, it is around  €7-8. For Metro, you can stop at station Chaussée d'Antin - La Fayette is a station on Line 7 and Line 9 of the Paris Métro. If you are traveling with 3 people, take the Uber. Trust me, Uber in Paris is awesome! You can get all the luxury cars if you're lucky by requesting the UberX. For the Metro, The basic Metro ticket is Paris is around €1,80 each. 

For more info, visit http://www.galerieslafayette.com

Basically, it is just sightseeing, took pictures around and just enjoy being there! Since my very first visit to Paris, I have not explored the city as much as I would want to. Well, Two days is surely not enough time to even scratch the surface of this city. I will definitely come back again one day. 

Paris, You were my dream ! Thank you for the memories.

 See you soon, Paris