Reasons to workout with your bestie

22 May 2016

A lot of us want to go to the gym, but there are so many other things to do, places to be, food to eat, adventures to explore, and people to see. It is not easy to drag your lazy ass out all the time. Whatever your fitness goal is, consistency is the key to reaching it.

You don’t need to do this alone. Having an exercise buddy, however, opens up a whole new range of possibilities for motivation. Your training partner can help you hang tough and achieve your goals, regardless of how far away they may seem at first. So instead of meeting for happy hour or a food-fest, we decided to meet up for a workout and enjoy the results. It was really fun dressing up nicely to workout with your bestie! I think it is really important to find a brands that represent your personality. For us, we prefer vibrant, fun, colourful. So we choose USA PRO.
Trust me, You'll be more motivated. Don't feel like working out after work? It's one thing to cancel plans with yourself but it's another to cancel on your friend—someone who's counting on you. So, it will be a good ways to drag yourself to exercise! Once you're in the habit, you won't even think about canceling on your friend. 
Just stay active! It can be a yoga session, body pump class or outdoor training. 

Many “training moments” aren’t really funny if you don’t have someone to laugh with. One way of increasing the fun part is to come up with new ideas on how you can modify your exercises or make your workout together more interesting. 

For example, during a plank challenge, check your friend whether she is doing a correct posture. Count the time for her, or even compete with her! There are lots of ways you can shake up your training plan – but the craziest and funniest ideas will come to you when you brainstorm together with a friend. These change-ups will make the workout time fly before you know it, an hour will have passed. And the best thing is that you didn’t look at the clock once. 

When you feel close to giving up, a workout partner can be important because they can help you build up your motivation again. Be there to support you and push each other towards the limit.


I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the perfect answer for everybody. Because it is really depending on your goals. But for those who want to start exercising. Here’s some easy workout to do without using equipment, without hitting the gym.  

1. PLANKING - Minimum 1 minutes x 4-5 sets
2. SQUATS - 15-20 reps x 4-5 sets
3. JUMPING JACK/STAR JUMPS - 100 times, try to do as fast as you can. 4 sets
4. PUSH UPS - 10-15 reps x 4-5 sets
5. BURPEES - 15 reps x 4-5 ses

For me, workout session don’t have to be very long. 
I prefer it to be less time, more intensity, better results.  

Of course, it would be better if you can jog for at least 15 minutes as a warm up before your workout.
Try it out and let me know what do you think!
Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any question, I’m more than happy to help :)

That’s all for today!

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