11 days in Indonesia - BANDUNG ( part 4 )

8 November 2016

This is the last part of my 11 days trip in Indonesia featuring Makassar, Lombok, Bangyuwangi and Bandung. If you want to read more about the whole story of my Indonesia trip, click HERE. For this article, i won't be cover the city part of Bandung. The third largest city of Indonesia is Bandung. I really want to share with you guys about something special and MUST-VISIT place in Bandung besides shopping and food. Alright, Are you ready for it? 


Yes, I went one of the must-visit attractions in Bandung- Kawah Putih, West Java’s white crater, and my jaw dropped. Seeing the surreal, whitish green lake reminded me once again why I love to travel so much : it’s to arrive at destinations like this and remind myself how beautiful the world is. 

This place is around 2 hours from Bandung Centre. There is no hiking involved in order to go there.

Entrance fee to Kawah Putih is Rp 15,000 each for locals, Rp 30,000 for foreigners. Vehicles can then be left in the main car park and a shuttle bus used to travel the final five kilometers to the crater. 

Quite nippy temperature in the area, surrounded by dreamy surroundings, glaring whiteness over the landscape. A crater lake showing off its beauty both to local or foreign visitors and most definitely a glorious spot for photography, from the turquoise lake up to the dramatic skeletal trees around.
Every corner of this place is so Instagram worthy. 

KAWAH PUTIH ( White Crater) 
Address: Kawah Putih, Ciwidey, near Bandung
Hours: 7am-5pm 
Admission: Rp 30,000


Trust me, Bandung has always been famous with cool cafes just around every corner.

Leaving the city area and we went to cafe hopping in the middle of nature, located at Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda, a tourist attraction in Central Bandung where's Armor Kopi brew their coffee. Basically, the cafe is surrounded by forest, with tall trees all around. It is really cozy to sitting down, leave everything behind and have a cup of coffee. 

They have plenty type of Arabica and Robusta beans from Indonesia. You can order from choosing the preferable type of the coffee beans. You can also ask the barista for recommendation base on what taste you prefer. I don't really remember what i ordered, but still. The coffee tastes good :)

We also ordered some local snacks to goes with the coffee

I love this place! Can we have something like this in Malaysia too? 

Armor Kopi Bandung 
Address: THR Djuanda Dago Pakar
 IG: @armorkopi.bdg 

Opening hours:  
Weekday 09.00-21.00 
Weekend 08.00-21.00

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