Guys can have Double Eyelids too

4 November 2016

My bf has been busy showing off his double eyelid lately to his friends. I bet many people notice that there's different with his face but still can't tell what's is exactly different from before. HAHAHA. Yes, it is that double eyelid and tear tough correction that makes the difference! I always encourages him to do his double eyelid because he looks really tired everyday even he slept for more than 10 hours. I'm so happy finally he made it. Welcome to the double eyelid club baby. LOL

If you are wondering how he looks like last time, here's a photo of his BEFORE
 and, AFTER 
Spot the different? Looks so much better right :P
At least his eyes got a bit of electricity for now. hahahaha. 


Stitching ( non-cutting) & Cutting 

 Skinartesse Scarless Double Eyelid. (sewing/stitching)

This Skinartesse Double eyelid stitching is unlike the traditional method of double eyelid surgery which uses a blade to cut the skin of the upper eyelid to form a crease. It creates more define and scarless crease.  Skinartesse Double eyelid stitching also known as the non-cutting / non incisional double eyelid surgery technique. No cutting, no surgery blade at all is required. 

WHY Skinartesse scarless Double eyelid stitching??

  •  It gives a more natural crease, natural look
  • The downtime is shorter & there is no wound / cut created
  • There is no scar, cut, or blade mark when you close your eyes;
  •  It has lower risks then the cutting / blade technique;
  • No one will know that you had double eyelids done because it just looks so NATURAL

Before the surgery, we discuss with Dr.Rachel regarding the procedure that suited his eyes and asked about the healing period. Due to faster recovery period, he decided to go for stitching. To be safe... If you don't like outcome of stitching, you can change in the next few years, since it only last for few years.  Plus, there won't be much scarring as compared to the cutting method. Honestly, I prefer something natural. Therefore, Dr.Rachel suggest him to go for the Korean style stitching, medium crease because it creates more natural looks


This procedure is Suitable for : 

-Sick off double eyelid tapes/glues
- Single eyelid, low eyelid crease
-eye with multiple eyelid crease
-Unbalance eyelid
-Puffy eyes 

Guys With Double Eyelids, What Do You Think?

Here's some photo of his BEFORE and AFTER ( right after the surgery)

Here's a photo of his double eyelid after 3 weeks. 

Besides that, he also did his tear tough correction (fillers) to fill up the sunken part of the undereyes to reduce the tired looking eyes. The results is instant! 

His downtime is around 1-2 weeks. His recovery is faster than mine. Only the first 3 days, the eyelids is a bit swollen as shown but after that it's just normal. Even his mom didn't realised that he did something on his eyelid. LOL! 

It is so natural and i'm kinda jealous he had higher lid than me now :(

Okay, Someone is so happy with his double eyelid now. Goodbye to tiring looking eyes!

Last but not least, as i always mentioned, look for the reliable doctor with licensed and great experiences. Do not simply look for uncertified beautician for aesthetic injection. No matter how cheap the price can be. it is not worthy to risk your life on it.

Love yourself, find the right and trustable one!

To know more about qualified aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, read more :

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