11 days in Spain - SEVILLE

23 August 2017

Spain is incredible, if you find the beauty of it.

Besides RONDA, Seville is also one of my favourite! But compare to Ronda, Seville is bigger and more city compare to Ronda. Ronda is more like a little town. Seville is bright and colorful and it’s everything I love about Spain. Just a few days in Seville I’ve come to really appreciate the city. It is truly amazing, wish i could spend more time to appreciate all the details. Well, Seville is around 534km from Madrid, you can take a high speed train there ( around 2 hours 30 minutes ) You can check the ticket price - HERE. But if you choose to rent a car, you can drive from town to town and appreciate the view along the journey. 

For me, Seville was like a fairy tale; it was definitely my favourite of Spain’s bigger cities. 
It was so romantic, so colourful. Would be perfect if i get to travel with my loved one

Our first stop would be the famous attraction - Alcázar of Seville
It is the royal palace in Seville, Andalusia, Spain, originally developed by Moorish Muslim kings. The best way to experience the Royal Alcazar in Seville is with guided tours. At least you can know more about the history behind this place, not just taking photo with knowing anything. The place is vast, and you may not have enough time to see everything. With a tour guide, you can get highlights of the best part of the palace. You can book your tour guide online here 
It is magical! 
This Royal Palace is one of the most magnificent architectural works in Andalusia. Drawing inspiration from Christian and Muslim architecture, this Moorish castle reflects Spain’s History. It is really unique, like a crossover east meet west, never expect to see such stunning architecture in Europe and Spain literally surprised me in a way. 
Every single corner is photo worthy. 

So pretty, i don’t want to leave 

Look at the details. 

Well, I’m not alone in my love for this place – even the famous Game of Thrones is being filmed there. If you watched this movie before, you should probably seen this places in the the scene before. 

As it was, we only had a day and a half in this city and it is way too many places to see in that short amount of time, so we had to limit our time at the Alcázar– not nearly enough time to really see. Allotting a half-day just for the Alcázar really would have been best, especially since I felt compelled to photograph every square inch of the place. If you have time to do just one thing in Seville, this is the place you should be.

Next, we walked all the way to the Plaza de España . Another amazing attraction in Seville. It was built in the 1920’s on the edge of the Parque de María Luisa for the Ibero-American World’s Fair held in 1929. It is around 650m away from Alcazar, you can just google map for the direction and walk there ( around 10 mins)

The main attraction here is, of course, the imposing half-circle structure made up of pavilions and galleries and towers, all surrounded by a moat with bridges connecting it to the giant square and fountain on the other side.
This is a huge plaza with a large building and its own canal. The architecture was very interesting as was the canal that had rowboats you could rent. Its around €6 if i’m not wrong, not too expensive.

Just walking around and taking a rest is enough to enjoy this big and beautiful Spanish Plaza.
It is better to visit during evening time, better light for photo 

Definately worths a visit! Don't skip to visit Plaza de Espana if you are in Seville, Spain! 
It is one of the MUST see places in Seville. 


Hotel Vincci la Rabida
We stayed in the heart of Seville, everywhere (especially the main attractions) is just walking distance and it is super convenient to get around cause it is at the centre of the city.
The hotel maintains original features such as stone archways, colourful tiles, French balconies and beamed ceilings. The interiors of the hotel is very unique and photo worthy. 

The Hotel Lobby
View from my room
The breakfast place

Hotel Vincci la Rabida
Address: Calle Castelar, 24, 41001 Sevilla, Spain 
Phone: +34 954 50 12 80

Trust me,  Seville is just a really great place to Stroll and to be impressed by the Architecture.
Don’t ever miss it! 

Stay tuned ........

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