20 August 2017

If you follow me on my social media #karenkhotravel, you will know how much i love cold weather. I really enjoy the cold because i get to dress up with layers which we can’t do it in Malaysia. That’s the reason why, i love to travel during winter season. Well, just because the temperature has dropped, it doesn’t mean that the fun levels have to as well. There are a lot of awesome happenings activities during the winter season in the world’s most liveable city - Melbourne

I’m back to one of my favourite country- Australia! I’ve been to Perth twice but never to the city of Australia. I always wanted to visit Melbourne and finally i made it this July. With temperatures ranging between 7°C to 17°C during their winter season, it is ideal for those who hate freezing wind because it is not TOO COLD. Yet if you like the snowy side of winter, you can travel up to Mount Buller the mountains outside of Melbourne to have a white winter vacation. 

  Mt Buller is the most popular destination and is the most accessible major snow resort in Australia. It is around 246km from Melbourne city, it took us around 3 hours drive to get there from the airport. 
A place to experience all the thrill and excitement of Victoria’s snowfield in wintertime.

Of course, the best part is the snow activities! 

I’ve done skiing in French Alps last year, so i thought it is better to learn something new. So i took the snowboard lessons in Mount Buller and surprisingly it is much more fun than skiing. Now I’m fans of snowboard! Woohoo! 
On our snowboard lessons with Charlene
So basically, there is snowboard and ski lessons every morning. We woke up around 8am in the morning, and the class start at 9am. The ski school is just 5-10 minutes away from our hotel, quite accessible. (Scroll down to see which hotel i’m staying)

Don’t worry too much if you are a first timer. It is my first time snowboarding too! But it wasn’t too bad, feel proud with myself cause i learnt something new! Hahaha. As a beginner, you can take up lessons for snowboarding and skiing. There are ski courses suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in the Ski and Snowboard School

Also, Everyone needs their own B-TAG to ski or snowboard at Mt Buller!  It stores your lift passes, which opens the gates at the chair lifts, as well as links you to any online rental or lesson orders you may have booked.  

You can pre-book everything online and also check the prices- HERE.

Not a fans of Ski and Snowboard? No worries!
You can still enjoy the snow, the scenery and get ready to snap a lot of nice photos there.

If you are not into extreme sports, take a scenic and relaxing ride on the sled dog tour in Mount Buller. Yes, it is Husky Sled Dog Tour. Just 10-15 minutes drive from our hotel- Alberg Hotel

The huskies are so adorable and friendly, you will receive a loving and warm welcome by their howling as you walk towards the sled. This was definitely a memorable and once in a lifetime experience for me.
They are so adorable !

The ride itself might only have been 10 minutes long, but it was a truly enchanting experience - one that no adjectives can quite do justice to. This once in a lifetime adventure is something that any visitor to Mt Buller should definitely check out.   

Price: $195 per person, discounted rate of $600 for families of 4 
 Times: 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm daily

For more information, visit their website at :


Of course, i didn’t get to try all of the restaurant in Mount Buller but i’ve tried some really nice one and here is my recommendation. We went to a very Hipster cafe in Mount Buller - THE BIRDCAGE. I really love the environment, it is so instagrammable, totally my type of cafe

Never expect to found Asian food in Mount buller but surprisingly there is many varieties of food. Also, we found this fusion cafe, the food is pretty good too! 
Not to mention that the food is amazingly good! Especially the Kimchi Fries.
It is super super good i must say! 

Open 7 days   /  8am - late
Address : 3 Athletes Walk, Mount Buller VIC 3723, Australia


This is the place where we had our dinner. Overall the food is pretty good, especially duck breast and mainly the desserts ( Slazburger nickel)  i’ve ordered! It is super gooooood, so fluffy and soft! Can’t believe that i finished the whole plate. MUST TRY WHEN YOU ARE THERE!

Kaptans Restaurant at Hotel Pension Grimus
Address: 5 Breathtaker Rd, Mount Buller VIC 3723, Australia 
Hours: Open today · 4PM–1AM 
Phone: +61 3 5777 6396


To be honest, the location of the hotel is good because the place to ski is just right next to our hotel and the room is clean, warm, and very spacious, suitable for family and a group of friends. Because the room that i’m staying can fit up to 5 people.


If you are planning for a snow escape, you know where to go 


Step Back in Time to the 1850s Goldrush at Sovereign Hill. 

If you are traveling to Melbourne,Victoria with Family, this is another place that you MUST VISIT! Sovereign Hill is a gold-fields Outdoor Museum – an adventure theme park located in the historic gold mining city of Ballarat, Victoria. 

How can you not know the history behind the places when you travel. To be honest, my knowledge of gold rush era was limited. I thought the gold rush only occurred in America. After this trip, i’ve finally discovered Sovereign hill. Visitors can see and have a hands-on experience of how life was during the gold rush era. People can know and discover more about the gold rush era in a fun and interactive way

Sovereign Hill is an open-air museum situated in the historic city of Ballarat, around 2 hours drive from Melbourne city. But trust me, it is worth to visit! There is so much so see and so much to do, too bad we don’t have much time to explore everything but still, we manage to do the intresteting one!

Along the main street of Sovereign Hill, there are shops selling 1850s-style goods, hotels, schools and various buildings that visitors can access. It is like a stepped back in time!
You can capture the atmosphere of the mid-1800’s of Victoria

At 1:30pm, Redcoat soldiers marched the town, and had a special musket-firing ceremony.

After our lunch, we booked ourselves in for an old-time photo in Sovereign Hill
 You can choose your own costume and get dressed up for a old time photoshoot 
 That’s me in the gentlemen costume. Well,  it is not too bad to become a gentleman. haha

More selfie with our costume on!
Our family portrait, LOL

Red Hill Photography Room
Here’s the price of the packages, remember to book your session earlier because it is always full :

Of course, one of the main attractions at Sovereign Hill are the gold mines tour which is my favourite 

We took a train to the underground and the whole tour is guided. They boarded us on the small train to descend to 60 metres below the ground! I didn’t manage to capture any photos underground because it is a bit dark and i’m too busy listening to the explanation of the guide! Hahaha. The tour is very interesting and educational. 

After that, we walked down to the gold panning creek to find some gold. All you needed to do was pick up a shovel or pan and have a go! Everyone is busy finding gold, so much fun! haha

Our Guide demonstrating how to find gold

If you can’t find any, you can buy some from the souvenir store. Bring back some gold  :P
At night, Main Street will sparkle with an amazing light show with over 20 of Sovereign Hill’s buildings lit up with large-scale image projections and Christmas animations. Also, there will be SNOW along the street! Not the real snow but still, very magical and romantic. Yes, you can have early Christmas only in Sovereign Hill. Every single corner is fill with Christmas decoration and beautiful lights. I’m in love <3

One of the best things about Sovereign Hill is that having the crew who are happy to talk to you about everything behind Sovereign Hill. Thank you to our guide Sherry for the explanation,  she makes it much more realistic and interesting thought the whole tour. Love her to bits! 
Our guide, Charlene, Yours truly, Jean
One day is not enough to see everything, but still we do enjoy and make full use of our day!

The whole tour is really fun and educational. Perfect for family tour or even with a group of friends!
If you happen to visit Melbourne, drop by to Barallat and visit the Sovereign Hill.  Trust me, You will not regret it. 

Sovereign Hill 
Address : Bradshaw Street, Ballarat VIC 3350, Australia 
Phone   : 03 5337 1199 
Opening hours: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday (except Christmas Day)  
10.00 am to 5.30 pm (during daylight saving)