The Right Way To Lose Weight

4 July 2013

Hello people! Sorry for keep you waiting... I know you all are desperate to know about my workout routine and my clean eating plan...But, I'm still working on my home workout video clips, just finish shoot some video today...Need some extra time to do the editing.. Errrrr, i'm still a newbie in video editing, sorry about that! Forgive me please :/

As I always emphasize in all my blog posts...

I wanna inform you all........
If anyone of you decided to lose some weights and fats, 
I know there's a lot pills and medicines or "magic" cream out there which says that can burn fat and lose weight "automatically" in lighting speed!! But sorry to say that, there's no magic pill for weight loss... Healthy lifestyle, proper advice and hard work are the only ones that can help you. Think twice before you consume any of it. Remember, NO MAGIC.. JUST HARD WORK :)

Here's some quick tips to share it out for you guys as an "appetizer"! hehehehehe

Steps to Achieve your goal Body...

 Mind Your Diet – There is a saying that you are what you eat, and this is true! If you eat fatty foods all the time, then eventually you will become one too. Not only will you get bigger in size, your heart will also suffer from all the fats, and after a while it will take a toll on your body. It's unhealthy. By the time that you realize this, it would be too late. Too prevent this, do what the bodybuilders and models do, eat a high protein diet coupled with less calorie intake to lose weight. It will make you stronger, faster, healthier and leaner. 

Burn More Than You Can EAT – Diet should always work side-by-side with a good fitness regimen. If you want to attain a great body that you can be proud of, then exercise 6 times a week. You probably think that it may be too much, but how else will you burn off the food that you eat 3 times a day, or more depending on your discipline and cravings? Exercise should be part of your daily routine, not only to get rid of the excess love handles, but to keep you young-looking, active, and ready for the challenges that life throws at you :)

Slowly Make It A Habit – All the advice stated here will not work if you are not committed to it. Diet and exercise will do you no good if you discontinue it after a while. Keep in mind that this is a lifestyle, not a fad that vanishes after several weeks. If you really want this, then you have to be disciplined enough to follow through, fight through it!!

It is never too late for you or anyone else to achieve the dream body that you have been longing for.
EVERYONE CAN DO IT..............

I hope you all can share out this right info to all your friends or people around you who wanted to lose weight. Give them the right information, do it in an healthy way !! :)


  1. your pictures look amazing. i go to the gym, but not enough.... currently learning swimming to make for my lack of exercise.

    Do u take any supplements?

    1. I took multi vitamin, salmon omega3 fish oil and protein shakes as my supplements only.

      swimming is good for your muscle repair and flexing it. keep it up :)

  2. How to get rid of the flabby stomach and build 6 packs? :P

    1. I did write posts regarding your questions. you can get to know some info there.
      basically it's about having a healthy balance diet(eat clean) and do WORKOUT.
      6packs weren't hard at all. just your first step and consistency matters :)

  3. I used to drop 8kgs from 67 to 59. but ever since I hang out with makan-makan friends (I'm a lifestyle blogger that writes about food too), the weight has increased back to 62. Last time, I lose weight with 2 principles: exercise (either aerobis or swimming) and eat less but more meals. But it seemed to be a bit hard just to go back to that lifestyle again. My initial goal was 55kg and I'm deviating from it already. T.T

    1. There are few things you can do.
      First increase your exercise period and intensity, or exercise more often.
      If you eating less but more meals, you still have to control your carbs and calories intake.
      When you have to go for some heavy food as you need to blog about it, make sure the second day you go for a heavy cardio to shake it off. don't store too much :)

  4. may i know what protein did u drink? n when u drink it? substitute as lunch or dinner? or juz for muscle build up?

    1. I'm drinking Elite Whey Protein. I drink it before and after workout. Just for muscles repair :)

  5. You're really inspiring, love reading your blog Karen!