Why do i love workout so much?

2 July 2013

Dear all, i'm back! You know what, i think i had the most "lifeless"day ever today! Seriously i hate SUNDAY, SUNDAY is my REST day. Basically, rest day i will just stay at home.. cause i need to avoid putting on makeup on my face..so i'll just staying in my room FOR THE WHOLE DAMN DAY! It's killing me, the weather is terrible, i'm bored, bad temper, blank, lifeless, lack of energy, stressed, lazy, tired, sleep, exhausted, annoying, angry, speechless, simply BAD MOOD, lol....

Awww, Wish i could run to the gym now!
i wanna use all the negative energy in the GYM & be on FIRE!!!
Wanna BURN the treadmill so badly!

Okay, i know most of my friend are kinda curious about me. Why i changed, from a party people/ super alcoholic girl to what I am right now... LOL.. It's weird i know, but there's a reason. Alright, because i've nothing better to do. I don't want my blog floated with lifeless party & event posts.. Hmm, i mean..once a while is alright, BUT NOT ALL..... lol..

Besides that, I've nothing else to do. I can't do make up tutorial because I don't have a clear skin & I'm not good in make-up, Fashion post? Hmmm, not really good at it because I don't have fashion sense. LOL.. I think I'm a...kinda...noob...girl... LOL

BUT HEY, I finally found my passion now.. which is FITNESS.
I'm just so in LOVE with it!

Why do I love workout so much?

Because it's the best way to release STRESS
Because it makes you feel confident
Because it helps you get stronger
Because exercise helps combat depression
Because i finally feel proud of myself

Because i have goals i want to reach
Because i feel bad if i don’t
Because i want to move forward, not backward
Because it burns more calories than not working out
Because it improves my heart health

Because i want a great butt
Because it prevents diabetes. LOL
Because i want to be a good example to everyone :)
Because i want to feel good in my clothes
Because my body was made to move

Because i want to be an athlete
Because i want to look better!!
Because it lifts my mood
Because i want to stand taller
Because it feels good, REAL GOOD!!

Because it makes me feel accomplished
Because bikini day is always coming, i wanna be always READY
Because strong is the new skinny
Because dieting only works so much
Because it strengthens my bones, too

Because it helps me to lose weight
Because it allows me to eat more foooooooood :P
Because it’s the best way to spend “my” time
Because it’s cheaper than ANY therapy
Because i want a strong core

Because i want to take care for myself
Because i take pride in of my body
Because it strengthens my legs
Because it helps my clothes fit better
Because i want to push myself further

Because i am capable of more than i ever imagined
Because moving my body feels good
Because it keeps my mind clear
Because it helps me to beat belly bloat
Because it helps me sleep better at night

Because it gives me energy
Because i want to stay healthy as my age
Because i want to look younger
Because i want toned arms, not flabby arms
Because sweat is so SEXYYYY

Because i want to live longer, healthier
Because i want to catch someone’s eye, like EVERYONE's!
Because i want to see the scale drop
Because i worth it !!
Because being fit makes everything in life BETTER

Because i promised myself that i would
Because i deserve a better life
Because i want to create a new future for myself
Because it’ll help me to like what i see in the mirror
Because it’ll makes clothing shopping more fun

Because exercising can be fun
Because it’s a good way to spend time with my friends
Because it strengthens my spirit
Because it’s a cheap way to entertain myself
Because i’ll be able to reward yourself

Because i need a reason to wear those new workout clothes
Because i'm tired of being tired
Because not working out is not going to get me very far
Because it’s a great way to spend time outside
Because i've made a commitment to yourself

Because you’re tired of starting over
Because there will always be another wedding, outing, vacation or reunion
Because i'm not a quitter
Because it improves my cholesterol
Because it boosts my metabolism

Because it prevents age-related muscle loss
Because if i can do this, i can do anything
Because a fit body is a healthy body
Because i want to be stronger than my stupid excuses
Because the only workout i ever regret is the one i skip

Yesterday's outfits  

Well.... well well........
When you "THROW" away all your BAD thought, LAME excuses, all the Negativity.
There's always a BETTER REASON for YOU to choose and STAY FOCUS with IT!
Because at the end of the day, RESULTS are PRICELESS!!

DO or DIE ! hahahahahaha

I'm just a happier girl after workout (^___^)/

How about you?


  1. ure such an inspiration!!!
    I agree with u, working out does make one happier =)))

    1. Yupp, whenever I feels emo, I'll definitely hit the GYM!!

  2. Well, getting out of an alcoholic life isn't such a bad thing in the sense that you'll save a lot.

    Looking at my own situation where I can't have a night life because of transportation issues, I'm also slowly driving myself to some light workouts at home. Good to keep our minds off things with it some more.

  3. I truly agree with you ! Recently, I find that fitness is also my passion. I feel happier when I workout eventhough how exhaust. :D

    1. Thanks, Sweating and Soreness are the NEW SEXY !! Hi 5 :)

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  5. I'm getting more and more in love with your blog ,you're so inspiring.
    To be honest, all these workout posts are really more interesting than alcohol event post.
    Love you!<3

    1. I'm glad to know that you love all these.
      It really means a lot to me and keep me going on.
      Thanks <3

  6. Babe ! Where u get that baju.. so niceee

    1. Hi babe, from here : http://www.facebook.com/bestylish8

      Instagram : bestylish8


  7. my new boyfriend my new hobby : FITNESS!
    *high 5*

    thanks for your email, i still got a lot of unread emails.
    will reply you asap so I can get your healthy secret recipe soon!

  8. love to read your blog so much , bcuz its motivated me so much! thanks for the sharing pretty girl (; keep it up!! xoxo

    1. Glad to know that, Thank you Stella!! You're welcome, yes i will! :)

  9. Hi Karen,

    I came across your blog in a Facebook Group and I really like this post. Would you mind if I share it on my blog at http://xtrasmallsize.wordpress.com.

    You finally gave me enough reasons to be disciplined with my routine. :)Great post!

  10. Just wanna say keep it up and be happy at what you're doing right now! I will always tell myself "Dont let your anyone/anything dull your sparkle". So cheer up!! :)) Btw, i'm a fitness junk too, i'm glad to see we're on the same route! :D

    1. Hi Sophia, Nice to meet you!! Let's work hard together :)

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