My Skin Laser AFTERCARE ( Part 3)

28 August 2014

Dear readers, I'm back for my skin updates. 

For those who know me in person, I'm sure most of you know that I've been suffering from acne. I blogged about my acne skin journey 1 year ago. You can refer back all my story- HEREEEEE . My skin was acne-free after consume Roaccutane for one year, but then I suffered from post-acne; SCARS. I tried so many things ever since the acne went away - may it be serum, mask or even good skin care products that could cost up to thousands per set. Unfortunately, it doesn't help much. That's the reason why i go for Skin Laser 3-4 months ago.
 I did my laser treatment 1-2 months once, It's my 3rd times already this time. So far, everything is good. My acne scars got lighten up, especially the redness on my scars. I've no idea why, but the laser treatment actually does help to reduce my redness *surprisingly* I'm happy for it! At least i can go out without any makeup on (just sunscreen) now. Thank you Dr.Rachel ( so so so much!
As usual, numbing process before the laser. So that i will feel less painful during the treatment. 
You can read my first laser treatment post - HERE

Basically after the laser, my skin will appear to like SUNBURN.
But after that, the dead skin will slowly drop off. 
After this process, my skin will always be one tone fairer & smoother *love it*

The "After Laser Skin" is always very sensitive & dry. Just a period days (3-4 days)
That's why i need EXTRA CARE for my skin, have to choose the right products for my skin. 

Organic Skin Products is always the first choice for Sensitive Skin like me.  
I came across this 100% organic skin care, KAHINA from New York. Yes, it's 100% organic, meaning that there's no harm to our skin because it's made of all natural ingredients. For those who are having sensitive skin, can try this out too. It's very very gentle. 

They have whole range of skin care, from brightening, anti-aging to hydrating. 

This is the two i'm using now. 
Toning Mist (Toner) & Their signature best seller.. Argan Oil ( Serum)

I really liked this mist – it didn’t irritate my skin, it was very lightly hydrating

Here’s how I use it: After my morning shower, where I typically wipe my face, I spray my face with Kahina’s Toning Mist, wait a couple of minutes, and then apply my moisturizer and sunscreen. And at night before bed, after washing, I spray, wait a few, then apply my night oils and an eye cream. It’s also nice over makeup (it sets minerals very nicely) and as a refresher after a long day. So far, i feel good after using it.


I did a few research online. I learned that argan oil is extremely rich in antioxidants (protecting the skin from cancer-causing UVA rays), essential fatty acids which moisturize and repair skin post sun, and Vitamin E which boosts UVB protection.

1. Argan oil is very rich in Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.That's why i use this every night before bed ( after my laser treatment), It helps recovery/healing faster.


Kahina’s Argan oil can be used in a number of ways on the face, hair and body. I find it extremely versatile and beneficial at a variety of tasks. I continue to find uses for this little miracle oil even after a months passing. Here is a list of some ways I use it:

  • Apply to face morning and evening after cleansing to replenish lost moisture
  • Use as a body oil
  • Pour it in the bath to relieve dry skin
  • Use it on hair to restore shine and relieve frizz
  • Use as a hand treatment
  • Treat acne and other skin conditions naturally
  • Added to powder makeup to create cream products and to create a glow.
  • I don't really use oil form product on my skin i afraid that it may causes breakout. Compared to any other beauty oil I have used my skin absorbed this one the quickest, leaving it very moisturized, but not greasy. Once absorbed it leaves the skin feeling very supple and makes it look radiant, but not shiny. In fact, I feel comfortable using it on my forehead (which tends to get very oily) as I do using it on the rest of my face (sensitive, prone to redness) because it moisturizes, but it also balances my skin.
    Just two drops is sufficient enough to moisturize the entire face and neck. 

    The thing I love about this product is that one it's 100% organic.  It can be used to nourish the face, used as a hair and scalp treatment and just about anywhere on the body.

    For those who are interested to know more about this skin care or even experience it, feel free to visit their counter at Robinsons, The Gardens Mall. You can also purchase it from their Website : , they do offers delivery throughout Malaysia. 

    Btw, i still have 3 more sessions to go. Will keep on updating my skin condition in my blog. Let's fight it together. Don't give up! Thanks God, My skin has even out so much, thanks to my skin doctor (www.skinartclinic.comI wish you girls out there the same. Acne and pimple scars are the hardest to cure. So please, stop buying products that cost a bunch ( find a suitable one) or consult from your own skin doctor.

    Alright, That's all for today!

    Thanks for reading 


    1. Now I am excited to try this argan oil - my fren recommend me the same thing cos I also just finish my laser! Have been hiding away from the sun and waiting for my flakiness to disappear.

    2. hi, karen. 我想要介绍你一种内服的饮品-牛初乳. Last time i did have acne scars problems but after i start drinking it. no breakouts so far :) scars also started to fade within 2 weeks time and panda eyes also started to recover since i m the one who always stayed up late for assignments. By the way, it also improves our immune system, it brings alot of benefits for me !

      Just a recommendation. Hope ur skin can recover ASAP ! Stay pretty :)

    3. Hi Karen. Is there any side effects from laser treatment, like skin getting thinner and sensitive? I planned to try laser on my face but still concern bout the side effects. Mind to post some recent photo of your skin? Thank you :)

      1. No worries dear. As i mentioned, it won't make our skin thinner.
        You can try to consult doctor first see whether your skin is suitable for laser treatment or not before you go for it :)

        I will share it soon in my blog

    4. Hi, this is the time im blogwalking here. Really impress with ur skin imprvmnt. I also hv the same scne prblm, and i received a treatmnt frm dr.ko skin care. Go fr laser is quite costly yea. btw Hw much it cost fr laser here?

    5. Hey, may i know what sunscreen do u use for daily application ? :)


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